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Own The Moment by Carl Lentz

This book refreshed my soul. Carl Lentz is the pastor of Hillsong Church in NYC. He helped remind me what it means to be a kind person following Jesus. He has gone out of his way to make everyone feel welcome in his church. Much to the anger of religious folk, he even bought a homeless man a beer and let him drink it during the service because the man said he couldn’t go 30 minutes without alcohol. Religion would say to leave him, but love does whatever it takes to meet him where he is at. It turned out to be the right choice and that man was able to get helpful resources from the church and turn his life around.

Carl Lentz has become a pastor to many celebrities and was a chaplain for the NBA, but name dropping and fame means nothing to him. He does his best to stop for everyone in need. He is humble  and is quick to admit his failures because in the end we all fail at times. If you have been hurt my religion, I highly recommend reading this book infused with love.

Darkness To Light by Lamar Odom

I remember when I first read that headline that Lamar Odom had overdosed and was fighting for his life. I prayed and prayed that he would recover, so it was amazing to be able to read his story in Darkness To Light.

Lamar shares with us through his early years and his time in the NBA. I will be honest that this book fell flat for me, and I didn’t connect to it as much as I had hoped. A great deal of the book was spent on basketball, which I am the first to admit is not my favorite topic. The darkness he experienced was very real, and my heart broke as I read about his cocaine and sex addiction. I am happy that he has found a path to healing, and I wish him nothing but health and happiness.

Evie Drake Starts Over

This little book captured my heart.

Evie Drake is has spent half of her life with a man that treats her like dirt. She decides once and for all that she is going to leave. She packs a bag and intends to check in to a hotel that night. After that? She doesn’t have a plan. As she pulled out of her driveway she receives a call that changed everything. Her husband was in a car accident. He didn’t make it.

One year later, Evie is as broken as she has ever been. How do you grieve someone that you were running away from? “Monster” replays in her head. She must be a monster for not missing him. At the recommendation of her friend, she decides to rent out her guest house/apartment to a MLB player who is down on his luck. He once had a thriving career, but a case of the yips slashed every dream he had for the future.

This book goes far beyond your typical rom com. It touches on mental health and you will be rooting for Evie to realize that she is not the monster she fears. If you are looking for a heartwarming book that is not cliche and goes beyond the surface, I recommend reading Evie Drake Starts Over.

Mere Christianity 

This book was just as wonderful as I remembered it. C.S. Lewis writes about the shared beliefs most Christians hold. Despite the many different denominations Christ followers have, this book sums up what most of us belief at our core.

I went through a period a few years ago where I really struggled with my faith. I never stopped believing but I did feel challenged and was very hurt by some experiences in the church. Mere Christianity was a breath of fresh air for me. My mind felt clear for the first time in a long time, and I was able to see past the muddied waters I had been viewing life through. C.S. Lewis helps simplify what it means to believe: faith, forgiveness, love, and generosity.

Inside Out

It comes as no surprise to those who follow mainstream media that Demi Moore has gone through her fair share of struggles. Memoirs are one of my favorite genres to read because I love learning about the lives of others. There is something powerful about sharing your story: the light and dark.

Demi Moore takes us through her unstable childhood, and my heart broke as she shared the trauma that she was forced to endure. She details her rise in Hollywood, making a family with Bruce Willis, and then her marriage to Ashton Kutcher.

I was hesitant to read Inside Out because I am a huge fan of Ashton. I am in awe of the work that he does to fight human trafficking, and I was afraid that Demi would try to drag him through the mud. In the end, I don’t think she was overly harsh on him, but she did share the events that led to their divorce. There are obviously two sides to every story, so I take this book with a grain of salt, but I do have a lot of compassion for the trials she has had to endure in her life. If you have followed her career closely, I am sure that you will enjoy this new book. Although if I had to suggest my favorite celebrity memoir, it would be Sally Field’s In Pieces.

What are your thoughts on my latest reads?


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