Epcot’s Nine Dragons Restaurant

Guest post by my husband: Timothy Meyer

My beautiful wife and I recently got the opportunity to visit Nine Dragons Restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Epcot.


Before we went, we did have some reservations as the reviews online had been mixed. To be honest, I was not as excited to go as I had been with other Epcot restaurants. To my surprise, it was not only a lovely dinner, but it was a hidden gem that I think will surprise many.

Epcot's Nine Dragons Restaurant

When we first got inside the restaurant, we were promptly greeted and taken to our seats. There was no wait like there were at other places around the world.


69242297_2999030820171379_6426755333909118976_n.jpgThe décor in the restaurant was a sight to see. So many little details, that just seeing the décor itself is worth a visit.



They were very prompt in ordering our drinks and having them served to us. Jubilee had a glass of wine and I ordered Green Tea.

69019740_2999030670171394_4665914430125506560_n.jpgThe Green Tea came in an adorable teapot and the tea made me feel warm and welcomed.


My wife and I ordered an appetizer of House Made Seafood Cheese Wontons.


To our surprise, these were quite delightful. Crunchy on the outside, very cheesy on the inside; this appetizer turned out to be one of Jubilee’s favorites from Epcot as a whole.


Our entrees that we ordered were Kung Pao Chicken, extra spicy and the Spicy Honey Crunchy Chicken.


Our food was tremendous; Jubilee loved her Kung Pao Chicken.


I must admit, I tried some of hers and loved the taste, even if it was a little spicy for me. My Spicy Honey Crunchy Chicken was very satisfying. I would order it again.


While we did not order dessert, it was simply because we were full from all the food we had had so far.

After dinner we explored a little of the China pavilion area outside.




The attention to detail makes this area a must see on any visit to Epcot. The best part? Our entire meal was around $60, making this spot the most inexpensive meal we have had in the world showcase.

Nine Dragons was a nice little gem and one that I would recommend checking out!

Epcot's Nine Dragons Restaurant


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