Monday Intentions

This week I am choosing joy.


I am choosing to search for the good in every situation.

I am choosing to make time for myself every morning.

I am choosing to cherish every laugh with the little ones I’m nannying.


I am choosing to be the greatest children’s book narrator of all time.

I am choosing to love my body and thank it for everything it does for me.

I am choosing to read books that inspire me.

I am choosing to let go of “what if’s” driven by fear and instead think “what if” unexpected blessings are coming my way.


I am choosing to be fully present with the ones I am with.

I am choosing to leave everyone’s day a little brighter after speaking to me.

I am choosing to believe in miracles for myself and those around me ✨


What are you choosing to do this Monday?

  1. Now this is the way to start a new week! Thank you for sharing! Hope you don’t mind if I take along on your great Monday intentions! 😊

    1. Thanks Sandy! It has certainly made my Monday brighter already 🙂 Definitely make your own list too!

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