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The Princess Diarist


I might as well make September Carrie Fisher month! I couldn’t help myself and decided to reread her other book, The Princess Diarist. 

While Wishful Drinking focused more on her life after Star Wars, this book takes us right into the heart of filming A New Hope. I loved hearing behind the scenes info on this classic trilogy and learning how she came to get the part in the first place. I also think that every woman will collectively roll their eyes when they read that they asked her to lose 10 pounds before filming(which she did not do). 

A large chunk of this book covers her affair with her co-star Harrison Ford. Carrie Fisher kept a diary full of poetry and her thoughts during filming, and it is interesting to hear what she was feeling during that time. If you are a Star Wars fan, I consider this a must read!

The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life And Freedom On Death Row


There are a few ways that I use to rate a book, but the number one way is if it made me feel something. Did it make my soul feel something new? This book did just that. 

Anthony Ray Hinton was a 29 year old African American man living in Alabama when he was arrested for 2 separate murders. A third man had been lived through his attack and falsely identified Anthony has his shooter. Despite having been at work, the police claimed that he used his mom’s dusty handgun that hadn’t been touched in over 20 years. He was sentenced to death and served 28 years on Alabama’s death row.

Can you imagine sitting in a cell awaiting death for a crime you did not commit? After a few years of being shut down and angry, he decided to cling to his faith and make the most of a horrible situation. He began befriending other inmates, hearing their stories, and supported them the best that he could. He started a book club that helped bring this dark prison back to life. He offered forgiveness to an ex- KKK member who was repentant for lynching a black teenager many years before.

He believed in hope. He clung to the belief that one day he would be exonerated and would see the sun shine once more. It may have taken 28 years, but that day finally came for Anthony Ray Hinton. Bryan Stevenson, an attorney and writer of Just Mercy, fought for his freedom for over a decade and finally won. 

Very few books have left me feeling this inspired and have made me see the beauty of humanity in a new way. I highly recommend reading The Sun Does Shine.

We Are Going To Need More Wine


Gabrielle Union embraces every vulnerability in this candid memoir. She is ready to share everything about everything. From growing up in a white neighborhood, to her messy first marriage, to her traumatizing rape at gunpoint, she is ready to tell her story.

I was quickly drawn in and was engaged until the end. I haven’t followed Gabrielle Union’s career very much, but decided to give this a read after seeing her on America’s Got Talent. If you are a fan of hers and are interested in knowing more about her life, make sure to grab this memoir!

  1. Whoa, The Sun Does Shine is going on my TBR right this moment! I love Gabrielle Union & memoirs are one of my fave genres… I just have a hard time with celebrity memoirs… I’ll have to read hers though, you made it sound really good! Thanks for sharing, Jubilee. ♡

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