Be Our Guest: Review + Tips

Disney World caused quite the buzz when they announced this eatery in 2012. After all, was there anyone who didn’t love this classic Disney tune? Many guests were quick to snag their reservations to eat in Beast’s castle.

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips

Overall, we had heard mixed reviews on this enchanting restaurant, but we knew that it was somewhere we had to dine at least once. We grabbed a dinner reservation two months in advance and anxiously awaited the castle.

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips

Be Our Guest takes you inside of Beast’s castle and does a wonderful job immersing you into the nostalgia of Beauty and the Beast.

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips

There are 3 unique rooms that you can request to sit.

The first room is the iconic ballroom.

Be Our Guest: Review + TipsWith vaulted ceilings, breathtaking chandeliers, and delicate decor, this room takes you back to a tale as old as time.

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips This room is significantly larger than the other two, so you can expect this room to have a little more noise.

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips

The second room is the East Wing. This room has a quiet and calm air to it. In the middle of the dining room, you can find Belle and Beast dancing on a revolving platform.

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips

We opted to eat in the 3rd room: The West Wing.

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips We did some research and heard from numerous bloggers that this room offers a little something extra. We were not disappointed by our choice!

69227734_2977045009036627_1178340486864175104_n.jpgThe West Wing shows you the castles darker side: literally. This wing has dimmed lighting, complete with bursts of thunder.

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips

My favorite part about this spot is the attention to detail. You can find fabric ripped to shreds in the Beast’s rage, including a portrait of him in his true form.

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips

In the corner of the room you can find the enchanted rose that started it all.

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips

For us, this room was a no brainer and added another level to our experience. The only negatives is that your little ones might find this room a little too eerie.

If you can’t decide which room fits your family best, don’t worry! After you order your food, you are free to roam the castle and take pictures of all of the other rooms.

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips

We started with drinks, and I ordered a glass of red wine. As many of you know, Magic Kingdom is the only park that offers alcoholic beverages exclusively at dine in restaurants. It was a perfect start to our dinner!

There menu is set up to where you pick one item from each category: Appetizers, Entrees, and then you receive their Dessert Trio. We went back and forth, but ended up getting the Tomato Bisque and French Onion Soup for our starters.



My soup didn’t blow me out of the water, but I thought it was tasty enough. Unfortunately he  was not the biggest fan of his French Onion Soup. Luckily, we had complimentary bread to keep us busy until our food arrived.

For dinner I ordered the Poulet Rouge Chicken, which I unfortunately cannot find the picture of(technology, am I right?) My meal included Chicken, potatoes, and fresh veggies. I really enjoyed all of the flavors of my dish, but I was disappointed that such an expensive plate came in such a small serving.

He ordered Herb-salted Pork Tenderloin, and it is safe to say his dish was the one to shine. He thought that the pork was cooked perfectly and was satisfied with his delicious dinner. It also doesn’t hurt that the presentation was absolutely beautiful!


Now here was the moment of truth: Was the grey stuff actually delicious? Yes!


Our Dessert trio included an Almond Macaron, a Dark Chocolate Truffle, and a White Chocolate “Chip” Cup. We enjoyed all three of these little desserts, and we appreciated that there was a nice variety. Now here is something you probably didn’t expect… there is one more edible thing on that plate: THE PAPER! The stained glass design is ready to be eaten, and I have a sneaking suspicion that kids will love this fun little surprise.

After you finish your dinner, make sure to stop by and meet the Beast!


Final Thoughts

We fell in love with the ambiance of this beloved Magic Kingdom restaurant. The decor inside of the castle transported us into the heart of the movie. We loved how each room offered a different experience.


With that said, this is not the best food that you are going to find at Walt Disney World. It was a solid meal, but nothing about it stood out to me in particular. I even had to look back at the pictures to remember what I had eaten for dinner. Considering this is one of their pricier restaurants, you would certainly hope that the food would leave a lasting impression.

The truth is that at Be Our Guest, you are primarily paying for the magical experience. We are thankful that we had the opportunity to dine here, but I don’t foresee us clambering to make another reservation any time soon. This restaurant is something that you should absolutely try to do once, but I have a feeling it won’t end up being a place you return over and over again.

Have you had the chance to dine is Beast’s castle yet? Let me know what you thought and if you would dine there again!

Be Our Guest: Review + Tips

  1. This looks like such a neat place. Having never been to Disney myself I cannot wait to experience it with my daughter when she is old enough.

  2. This looks interesting. Never got opportunity to dine at Magic Kingdom. I got to see through your words and pictures. 2nd room option looks nice. I think food should be the best to match the quality and the name.

  3. Looks amazing! I never even knew this existed, but I have never really done food at Disney. I’ll have to look into making a reservation for when we go next! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My husband and I dined at Be Our Guest on our last trip to Disney World and loved it. We were the first to be seated for dinner and the only ones inside for the first few minutes. It was fabulous!! And we felt so special. When we dined here for dinner, it was before they changed it to the current menu and we had quite a choice of food on the menu. My husband had a steak dinner and I had the Salmon dinner and both were one of the best meals we have had! Not sure how I will like the more limited menu. We were celebrating my birthday and our anniversary so we were treated to a special Gray Stuff dessert. And meeting beast was a thrill for me! Again, we timed it perfectly and were the only two in the room with Beast so that made it even more special. Thanks for this post and reminding me of a wonderful experience!

  5. So glad to see this! I am getting married at the swan and dolphin resort in February 2021 and doing a disney honeymoon. Beauty and the beast is my favorite so this resturant is a must do! I haven’t been to disney is 15 years so I’m excited to see everything that’s new and experience it as an adult

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