Everything New Coming To Epcot

Everything New Coming To Epcot


Epcot’s Main Entrance

If you have been to Epcot in the last 6 months, it comes as no surprise that they are giving the park a much needed face lift. The construction zones are certainly an eye sore for now, but Disney is working hard to enhance the magic of this park.


In the coming months, Disney is going to be bringing us a brand new fountain and adding more greenery as we enter Epcot.

3 Epcot Sections

At D23 it was announced that Epcot is going to get the biggest transformation yet! Before you enter the World Showcase, you will be greeted by 3 new sections of the park.

  • World Discovery
  • World Celebration
  • World Nature


World Discovery 


Parents rejoice! A new interactive area is coming for your little ones. For years, families have expressed the lack of activities for children at Epcot and it has been deemed an adult park. In the next couple of years, I have a feeling that this sentiment will change. Did I mention there will be water balloons?


In addition to this new play area, it was announced that a new Edna Mode touch screen experience is going to be added. The fashion queen is here to rid the world of bad fashion choices, Darling.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

We have known for a couple years about the new Guardians of the Galaxy coaster coming to Epcot, but we finally have a name: Guardians Rewind. As the name suggests, this roller coaster is going to start with a reverse launch.


I am sure that all thrill junkies will love this new ride, but to be honest this absolutely terrifies me! I have always steered cleared of launch coasters, so we will have to wait and see if Timothy is able to convince me to join him on this ride!

Space 220

A new eatery at Epcot! Here you will take fight and travel through the Galaxy. You will be able to view Earth from 220 miles up. This restaurant will be run by the same minds behind Via Napoli and The Edison.


World Celebration

Spaceship Earth

Many park goers were scared when they heard that Spaceship Earth was going to be renovated, but fear not! D23 assured us that they will be keeping the theme of bringing us through moments of history, but this time it will focus on the storytelling that brings us together.


We now know that a bright light will guide us through our journey through time around. I have always enjoyed Spaceship Earth, but I am so excited to see this classic ride being revamped.

Festival Center

A new three level building will serve as a hub for Epcot’s festivals. In addition, there will be stunning views for the World Showcase fireworks.


Dreamer’s Point

As you walk through World Celebration, you will be surrounded by lush gardens, a wishing tree, and a new statue to honor Walt Disney.


World Nature

Our First Moana Attraction

Make way! Make way!

It is finally time to bring Moana to the parks. I was jumping for joy when Disney announced that they are adding a Moana attraction at Epcot. While they were somewhat vague on what this will be, we know that the name is The Journey of Water.


Disney has released a concept drawing that includes beautiful fountains that will interact with guests. I will admit I was hoping she would get her own ride, but I am still looking forward to hearing more about this new experience.

Awesome Planet

A new film will arrive in the Land pavilion that will show us the beauty of our planet in January 2020.


Canada Far and Wide in Circle- Vision 360 / Wondrous China

New scenes and a new story are headed to Canada and China.


Mary Poppins Attraction

Practically perfect in every way!

After years of rumors, we finally got the magic our hearts desired. At D23, it was announced that Cherry Tree Lane will be invading the UK pavilion. This area will undergo a transformation and bring back the nostalgia of Mary Poppins.


Not only that, but then you are able to enter the Banks home and experience a new attraction! We don’t know many detail on this year, it could be a show or a ride, but either way I am excited to see what is to come!

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Here is what I am most excited for…


A Ratatouille ride will open the Summer of 2020! This attraction opened at Disney Paris a few years ago, and we are finally able to enjoy is ride here at Epcot. My family has always been a huge fan of Ratatouille, and we are thrilled that this underrated movie is getting its own ride in the Paris pavilion.

La Crêperie de Paris

This new table service and quick service restaurant will be located near Ratatouille’s new ride. Here you will be able to order delicious sweet and savory crepes.


Beauty and The Beast Sing Along

I know I can’t be the only one who belted out “Belle” as a kid. We now have an excuse to embrace our inner child. Similar to Frozen sing along, we will now get a chance to sing our favorite tunes in the France pavilion.


A new night time spectacular is headed our way. Harmonious will follow the limited time night show, Epcot Forever. We can expect this firework show to make quite the bang. Disney even went as far to say it is the biggest show they have done in their history. I can’t wait to hear more about what this spectacular includes!

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Disney Genie

Our wish is Disney’s command! For every person who is overwhelmed at the thought of booking fastpasses and planning out your day, we now have the ultimate solution.


When you enter the activities on your priority list, Disney Genie will comb through thousands of options and make the itinerary perfect for you.  This life saver is expected to debut in late 2020.







  1. MOANA!!!! And Mary Poppins! ❤️ My husband and I went to Epcot on our honeymoon, and now I can’t wait to take our kiddos. I wanted to do a park hopper and take them to all the parks but wasn’t sure if they would enjoy this one. Now I know they definitely will. Thanks for the scoop!

    1. They definitely will! They have been doing a great job of adding more kid friendly things to Epcot:) These additions are just gonna make it even better 😀

  2. Epcot!! These new additions will definitely make it my #1 spot to visit at Disney 🙂 It already is my #1 but now that my little one will have something to do there… it just makes it even more special!

    1. Same! Epcot has always been my favorite, and I can’t believe they are going to make it even more magical!

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