Universal Orlando Announcement!

Oh my God! Okay, it’s happening! Everybody stay calm!

Earlier this week Universal Orlando released a statement telling us that they had a big announcement coming. Fans went wild with their ideas of what it could be, myself included. Today we finally found out:

Universal Orlando is opening a 4th PARK!



Is it Christmas? My birthday? What did I do to deserve this incredible news?!

They included a piece of concept art to give us an idea of what we can expect:


This is where Epic Universe will be in relation to the current parks:


Photos by: Universal Studios Resort

This new park will include hotels, shopping, restaurants, an entertainment center, and rides that are sure to thrill us.

We don’t yet know when this epic park will open, but they have told us that Universal will be creating 14,000 new jobs with a starting pay rate of $15/hr.

Though we may not have many details about what this park will include, we certainly have enough information to GET EXCITED!

Nothing is confirmed, but fans are speculating that there will be a Nintendo land, How To Train Your Dragon ride, and a space dedicated to Fantastic Beasts.

Thank you for the perfect start to my day Universal Orlando!

    1. I can always use more Harry Potter! I am so excited!⚡️

    1. thanks girl! I will probably try and go the first week haha. I can’t wait!

  1. I have yet to visit universal! I really desire to visit Harry Potter World!!! I’m going the end of the year and I’m super excited!!!

  2. This is such exciting news! I have never been lucky enough to attend any “typical” vacation spots like this, but I definitely want to get there after reading this!

  3. This park sounds so fun and I would love to visit! I’m so surprised that I never heard of this before!

  4. I can’t wait for this park, from what we’ve heard so far it seems like its going to be absolutely incredible!

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