A Simple Favor: Book Review

Boy, did this book take me on a wild ride!

Thrillers have slowly been making their way into my heart, and dare I say, I AM HOOKED! As long as it isn’t truly terrifying, I am ready to read every creepy word.

I first became aware of A Simple Favor after I saw the movie trailer starring Blake Lively. This was before I started my thriller streak, so at the time I didn’t think much of it. However after mysteries began to draw my attention, I decided that this story was too intriguing to pass up. Where is Emily?

A Simple Favor: Book Review

The Premise

Stephanie appears to be your typical super mom. She even has her own successful mommy blog where she connects with readers from around the world. She knows all too well how hard being a mother can be, and she was quick to embrace her elegant new mommy friend. Emily seemed to have the perfect life. She had the perfect clothes, handsome husband, and a successful career. Their late night wine sessions kept her going, and she was thankful to have finally found a faithful confidant.

One day Emily asked Stephanie if she could watch her son for a few hours because she needed to work late… but Emily never came home. She disappeared and a homicide investigation ensued. The author gives us a glimpse in to Stephanie’s mind, as well as her mommy blog. She was quick to use her resources and begged for her readers to keep an eye out for Emily. As each week passed, Stephanie found herself second guessing how much she really knew about her dear friend.

My Thoughts

I was on the edge of my seat while reading this novel, and I finished it within a couple of days. As with most thrillers, each character has a little something that they want to keep hidden. There was one story line in A Simple Favor that I did not care for. I am sure you can guess what it is if you’ve read it, but I don’t want to spoil the novel for those who haven’t. Despite those questionable parts, I did enjoy the overall mystery.

Was it as good as Gone Girl or some of my other favorites? No, but it was still thrilling and enjoyable. The question of who Emily truly is kept me enthralled. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but from what I have read the movie has a different ending from the book. I think they made the right call to alter the ending, because one of my criticisms was that it wasn’t as shocking as I had hoped.

Have you seen the movie or read the book?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this wild book!

  1. I have to say that while I am not a hardcore reader, I am intrigued by this review. My tendency is start reading a book but quickly move to the movie because of maybe laziness? In any event, this one will be on my list – most likely the movie!

  2. If you were on the edge of your seat that is the sign of a good book. I wish I had more leisure time to read books for fun, but I do not right now.

  3. Oh wow you definitely got me interested in reading this. I haven’t read a thriller in years, but I think I will get this. Thanks for sharing.

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