Learning To Love My Hair + Giveaway

My hair is a little wild and crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🧡

Those who knew me in grade school can attest to the amazing afro that I sported for years(WHICH I NOW THINK WAS AWESOME)👏🏽

I spent years at war with myself and was ashamed of my appearance. I endured endlessly bullying from my peers, making it easy for me to see my hair as a curse, not a gift. 🎁

I remember the day a boy from my school threw granola bar chunks in my hair while everyone laughed. In those moments I felt broken. I begged to be homeschooled on multiple occasions because the shame I felt was overwhelming. I didn’t think the problem was with the actions of others, I believed that I was the problem. 👎🏽

The older I get, the more I am able to find things that I genuinely love about myself. I may not have that epic afro anymore, but I still have crazy curly hair that changes day by day. If you have curly hair I am sure you know….you never truly have the same hairstyle twice 🤣
While I may not have been taught to love my hair growing up, the beauty is that we can always learn how to be kinder to ourselves. We can chose to believe that we are worthy of love. We are lovely the way we are, and our “flaws” may end up being some of our favorite traits. It’s a process, but self compassion has changed the way I see myself and others. 
What is one way you can spread a little extra kindness today? ✨
Thank you @formulate.co for helping me love my hair more and more everyday! Enter my giveaway to get your own shampoo and conditioner that is unique: JUST LIKE YOU🤗 

  1. I have curly hair too! I recently started the “curly girl method.” You’re probably doing it as well! My hair is getting softer everyday! I decided I needed a refresh and went to get a DevaCut. I cut about 10 inches off! I still have hair below my shoulders, but it’s super short for me! I’m glad you’re learning to love your curls 🙂


  2. Your hair is gorgeous! I think we all want the opposite of what we have. My hair is dead straight, so I always wanted curly hair. I entered the give-away!

  3. I totally know what you mean. My hair has always been so straight and lifeless. However my new stylist has cuts it in a way that gives it some body.

  4. I’ve never heard of this company. Will have to check it out, and definitely entering your giveaway now!

  5. Beautiful story and surely pretty hair 🙂 I think we all want what we can’t or don’t have from time to time. Somedays I’d kill for silky straight natural hair but most days, especially when I can sun-dry, I’m thankful for my wave!

  6. I have the most random wavy hair, and it’s so true that you never have the same hairstyle twice! You just have to learn to love what you have–it took me years to leave the house without straightening or curling my hair!

  7. I think your hair is gorgeous! Mine is straight and thin, and I wish it was as voluminous as yours. We all want something we don’t have, right?

  8. Your afro was suuuuper cute & I am in LOVE with your current curly hair. I would choose it over my stick straight anyday!

    I am so happy you have learned to love it!! I hate what the kid did to you in school. 😭

    1. Your hair gorgeous!
      Thank you so much. Now I think my afro was adorable!

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