Meet Lucy and Edmund

Hello friends!

The last few weeks have been pretty busy, but don’t worry: I am back with your regularly scheduled programming!

I have had many exciting new things happening in my life, but the biggest event is the little additions to the Meyer family. With great excitement, I want to introduce you to Lucy(on right) and Edmund(on left).


For the last year, we have been debating adopting a kitten. I have only ever had dogs, but Timothy has nothing but fond memories of his childhood cat, Nala. We began to get serious about our search last week. I even bought a kitty bed before we had one to use it!

We hopped in the car Wednesday morning fully expecting to find our perfect match. I developed a sweet bond with a kitten at our first animal shelter, and we even began to start the paperwork for adoption. We were devastated when the staff later informed us that the cat had a disease that would require many vet visits and could result in a short life. As much as I loved that kitten, I knew that we were not the right parents because we could not afford to give her the care she needs.

We stepped back into our car, and I will admit that I was a bit grumpy. I was feeling deflated and unsure that we would find a kitten I loved as much as the first. We decided to try one more animal shelter that day and made our way to Atlanta’s Humane Society.

On the car ride there, Timothy and I got into a deep discussion about faith and how much we loved the work of C.S. Lewis. Narnia has always been a source of comfort for me, and it helped me understand God in a tangible way. One block away from the shelter, I prayed to Jesus:

“Jesus, please let us find our perfect kitten here. I pray that we would know immediately when we meet them, and that we would feel overwhelming peace.”

What did I find when I walked into the Humane Society? A woman was sitting in a chair, holding one of the cutest kittens I had ever seen. I KNEW I wanted to hold her. The more I watched this sweet kitten, the more I could tell that she had the temperament that I had been searching for. We waited 30 minutes to hold her, and I kept praying that the lady wouldn’t adopt her before I had the chance.


Holding her confirmed what I already knew: This was my kitten. The staff member who was helping us told us:

“I am going to shamelessly plug this in: I am fostering another kitten here, and I would love if y’all took a look at him too. He just got neutered this morning, so he is a little groggy… but he is a sweetheart and I think you would love him.”


We agreed, and she brought in a tiny black kitten(which is actually what I had always dreamed of having). I was smitten from the start. She was right that he was a bit out of it, not wanting to be held, but I had a feeling that he was also meant for us. What were we supposed to do? We couldn’t get two kittens….or could we?

The workers explained to us that the Humane Society was having a “buy one cat, get your second cat free” deal. Timothy and I looked at each other and knew that we were bringing home both of these lovebugs.

I felt so much peace as they told us that kittens do much better in pairs. They are often better behaved, help each other learn how to use the litter box/scratching post, and they will always have a friend to keep them company. To be honest, we didn’t need much convincing!


Lucy was able to come home that day, while Edmund had to wait an extra day because he had just been neutered that morning. On the car ride home, Timothy and I brainstormed kitten names. There were some pretty good contenders, but the second we thought of Lucy and Edmund, we knew that there was no turning back. We were in love.

Lucy was shy her first night here, and she hid behind the couch for almost the entire night, but not before making her way to my bookshelf.


If you have been a reader of mine for awhile, you KNOW just how obsessed with books I am. My heart melted when she walked straight to the books: a girl after my own heart.


After I got off of work the next day, we anxiously made our way back to the Humane Society! We couldn’t wait to pick up our little boy. He meowed the entire way home(which quickly became what he is famous for).

Edmund was just what Lucy needed!


She came out of her shell the second they met. The past two days have been filled with kitten cuddles and constant playing between our two babies.


I know that it may seem corny, but hey, I am gonna embrace it. Jesus answered my prayer and sent me not one blessing, but two. Though we originally only intended to adopt one kitten, I have felt nothing but peace about our extra addition.


I am sure you are going to be hearing a lot these sweet ones in the future! You can follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of their sweet faces. @MagicwithJubilee

With love,




    1. Thank you so much! We had such an amazing experience with the Humane Society😍🙌🏽

  1. Oh how I love love love your sweet kitten story! You will all have a wonderful Life together, I just know it! They are darling!
    Happy Kitty Love to y’all! 😻😻♥️♥️

    1. They are truly a blessing 😭 Thank you Sandy! It was meant to be 💕💕
      You will see a lot more of them 🤗

  2. I legit thought you wanted to introduce us to human beings. The picture loaded and oops what did I see? Cats! Lol. I get how you felt about your first cat but I’m glad youve now being able to get two adorable pets.

  3. Oh my gosh. This was such a sweet adoption story! Congratulations on your new babies, they were definitely meant for you two & they both look so happy!!! ♡

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