How To Track Your Reading Progress

Hello fellow bookworms!

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that I am obsessed with reading. So far in 2019, I have read 69 books. I would say that I am averaging 3 books at any given moment. So, how do I keep track of my good reads?

How To Track Your Reading Progress

Well Goodreads is one the ways….(see what I did there?)


The first place that I go to log my books is on the Goodreads app. Here you are able to set up your profile and add your book lover friends.


I love this app because you are able to create online bookshelves to stay up to date with your reading. A few of my bookshelves are:


My favorite feature is the ability to create your yearly reading challenge. You can select how many books you plan to read in 2019 and follow your progress as the year goes on. As someone who is extremely type A, I LOVE watching the bar get closer and closer to my goal.

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You can browse through recommended bookshelves based on genres and check out the Goodreads award winners of each year.



When you click on a book that you are interested in, you are able to see which of your friends has already read it and what they rated it. Similar to other social media, as you scroll through your feed you can see your friends reading updates throughout the day.

Anyone who is serious about their reading goals will greatly benefit from using Goodreads. It has inspired me to read more and more each year.

You can follow my reading journey here.

Reading Log

I am constantly in search of new things to enhance my reading experience. On my birthday, I struck gold and I came across my new favorite notebook.


The colorful cover caught my eye, and I loved the idea of having a paper copy to log my books into. I immediately pictured having 10+ of these little books filling up my bookcase.

This book log gives you space to recap each book complete. Starting with:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher/Year published
  • Genre
  • Start/Finish date
  • The book in 3 words
  • Rating
  • Short review
  • Quotes to remember


Within 24 hours of purchasing this book, I had already filled out 30 book overviews.


My favorite part of this tracker is the yearly graph featured on the last few pages.


In the end:

I will always continue to use Goodreads. It is a convenient and motivating way to log my yearly reads, but I appreciate the extra details of my new book log. In a world full of technology, there is something special about hand writing reviews. You can get this cute book tracker here.

What is your favorite way to log your books?

The Reading Log of Your Dreams


  1. I love to casually read, and used to read a ton. I wish I had kept a book list because there are a few I’d like to read again but they’ve been lost to my memory. I didn’t even know Goodreads worked like that! I’m downloading the app now. Great article!

    1. I have been there! There are a few books from high school that I can’t remember the titles of, and I wish goodreads had been available back then. Let me know what you think of the app! It’s my favorite📖💕

  2. Hi, I love to read, as well, so I really enjoyed your post. I had no idea that these options were available! I especially like the idea of being able to create your yearly reading challenge! Thanks for sharing! Melissa Damiani | Gratitude Grace Glamour

    1. I’m so glad I could help! I love the reading challenge:)

  3. 69 books? That’s a lot of books! Thanks for this post. I am going to setup an account on Goodreads and start my count as well.

    1. You’re welcome! Feel free to add me as a friend on the app:)

  4. I LOVE goodreads! It’s such a great way to see what people I have a lot in common with enjoy!

  5. Thanks for so many great ideas! I am definitely a quantity person when it comes to reading. I had no idea that you could create your own challenges on Good Reads. Can’t wait to check that out. I also LOVE the book tracker. Adding to my list to buy for the new year! Thanks for sharing such great tools.

  6. Way to go on reading 69 books so far this year! I love the idea of logging your reads in an app like goodreads or in a notebook. I recenty have been reading more frequently and I’m going to start using goodread to log the books I’m reading.

  7. As a bookworm myself I love these ideas! Pinning for later. I totally need the app and the book journal in my life!

  8. I’ve just been writing the books that I’ve finished on my calendar. This is the first year I’ve kept track. I’m at 70 books so far this year. The reading log looks great—I may have to modify it and use something similar in my classroom!

  9. Goodreads is fantastic but I must try the journal. Sometimes I’m more of a paper person.
    Thanks for the suggestion

  10. I love Goodreads & just added you as a friend on there. 🙂 That journal is soooo adorable though– I think I’m about to buy one. Thanks for sharing, Jubilee. ♡

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