Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

Walt Disney World is always bringing us new rides, characters and shows. It seems that every time we make our way to Florida, Disney has a new surprise waiting for us. While the attractions continue to draw crowds, my sights are always set on something a bit sweeter: the food!

On this last trip, we had the chance to try some new desserts at the parks, and of course we got a few of our old favorites. If you have a trip coming up to Walt Disney World, look no further because I am gonna give you a cheat sheet on what to eat at the most magical place in the world.

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

Mickey Mouse Club Cupcake: located at Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom

Let’s start this delicious journey on Main Street USA! Every time we walk up towards the castle, we make a quick stop at the Starbucks location on the right. Honestly, is there anything more magical than coffee? It’s true that the coffee is delicious,  but this Starbucks has more to offer than your typical coffee shop.

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

We knew we had to try this HUGE and adorable cupcake the moment we laid eyes on it. It obviously makes a great photo op, but it is equally delicious. It had a generous amount of frosting, and the only downside is that it turned our mouths black. But hey, that’s a fair trade off in my book.

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

Cheshire Cat Tail: located at Cheshire Cat Cafe in Magic Kingdom

This delicious snack has been my go to Magic Kingdom breakfast for over a year now. I’m typically not too hungry early in the morning, so this is a perfect pastry to split with my husband. Try it once, and you will never go back.

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

“Up” Themed Mango Dole Whip Cone: located at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies in Magic Kingdom

Okay okay, I have a confession….I ordered this treat with the sole intention of getting a fun picture. Up is my favorite Pixar movie, so I knew that we had to get it at least once.

I am personally not a fan of dole whip, so this one was eaten by my husband. He loved it and would try it again. Fair warning: It’s huge. Good luck trying to finish this bad boy on your own!

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

Dole Whip With Rum: located in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom

Again, I’m not a fan of dole whip, but my husband has dreams about this Dole Whip Rum. We always talk about what we are most excited to try on the drive down to Orlando, and this sweet is at the top of his list. If Dole Whip is your jam, you will love this fun variation.

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

Cookies and Cream Mini Donuts: located at Joeffrey’s in Animal Kingdom 

Joeffrey’s is killin’ it in the donut category. We stumbled upon these mini donuts while on our way to Expedition Everest. These are a great option if you are looking for something to hold you over until your next meal. Yum!

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

Glazed Almonds: located at the cart in front of the Chinese Theatre- Hollywood Studios

An oldie but a goodie! We got these in a cart in front of the Chinese Theatre, but we have also got them in Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

These nuts obviously delicious, but there have been times we have been disappointed if they are cold. When they are warm, they are in our top 5 favorite snacks.

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

Tie Dye Cheesecake: located at the Pop Century bakery

Last on my list is something almost too pretty to eat. Staying on theme, Pop Century offers this yummy Tie Dye Cheesecake.

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

I ordered this dessert for the fun theming, but the taste will have me ordering it for years to come. It was so much better than I was anticipating, and this is a must have if you are staying at Pop Century Resort.

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

These snacks all have the Jubilee guarantee: you will not disappointed by these yummy goodies. The best thing about Disney is that there are hundreds of desserts I haven’t even tried yet. The goodness never ends. How groovy is that?

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up

What sweet treat do you think deserves to be added to the list?

7 Disney Treats Too Sweet To Pass Up


  1. Yummy! It all looks so good! I’m hoping to make a trip this fall and now I know what I have to have when I go. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Yum! These look amazing. We are planning our trip in 2020 and I’m so excited. These foods will definitely have to be added to the things we have to come check out. I didn’t even think about the cool food and sweets.

  3. I was just there last week and tried the Peter Pan ice cream float which has key lime ice cream, lemon-lime soda, and a chocolate “feather,” it was delicious on the 97 degree day.. I will be going back in a few weeks and now I have my eye on a few that you wrote about!

  4. They look soooo delish and adorable! Those pics makes me want to grab my nephews and go and see it right now! hahah 😀
    I was wondering if it is easy to find vegan treats in there.

    1. There is a vegan bakery at Disney springs called Erin McKenna. It is absolutely delicious! I made a post about it a few weeks ago 🙂

  5. My goal is to try out all the Disney treats around the world! Been to Hong Kong, next goal is Japan. Disney has the most enticing treats!

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