4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

Are you ready to try the ultimate Disney challenge?

For the last year, I have seen other people in the Disney community take on this feat. As soon as I read the rules, I knew that I was adding this to my bucket list. I love a good challenge!

So what exactly is the 4 parks 1 day challenge?

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

We had a great start to our day because we had extra morning hours at Magic Kingdom. When you stay at a Disney World resort, you have access to the parks for longer than the general public. Pop Century is where we had the privilege of staying, and I can’t wait to share my review of this resort with you soon.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

We made sure to get to Magic Kingdom by 7:30am, that way we could be there before rides opened at 8am. While we only needed to ride one ride at MK, we ended up riding Splash Mountain, Under The Sea, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

I always have a blast on Splash Mountain, but I hate getting soaked on water rides. Tim finally convinced me to ride, but not without my handy dandy poncho.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

In between rides, we stopped by Cheshire cafe to get our favorite breakfast pastry: the Cheshire Cat Tail.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

When all was said and done, we snapped our Magic Kingdom picture and left the park by 9:30am.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

Next up: Hollywood Studios

While we were at Magic Kingdom, we made a Fastpass for Toy Story Mania. This is one of our favorite rides because Tim and I get pretty competitive (I won). We were also able to snag a Fastpass for Tower of Terror.

Although we have been visiting the parks regularly for 2 years, I had never ridden Tower of Tower. I had always been to scared to take the leap, but with the adrenaline from the challenge pumping, I decided TODAY WAS MY DAY! (We are on the far left)

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

Imagine my surprise when I realized that all this time I had been terrified for no reason! Tower of Terror was a blast and has landed itself in my top 5 favorite rides at Disney.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

We dashed over to Baseline Tap House to grab their Bavarian pretzel with mustard and beer-cheese fondue. I highly recommend this lounge, especially if you are in need of a yummy place to waste time while you wait out the inevitable Florida rain.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

We left Hollywood Studios around 1:30pm.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

Next up: Animal Kingdom

This was our shortest stop of the day, mostly because we had spent the previous day at Animal Kingdom.  We decided to make it quick! We made a Fastpass for DINOSAUR and grabbed ourselves an ice cream sandwich.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

Oh, and Kevin made a surprise appearance!

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

We loved getting these scenic shots in front of the tree of life!

We were out of Animal Kingdom by 3pm.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

Last stop: Epcot

We knew that we wanted to end the day with some delicious eats and drinks from Epcot.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

Test Track and Frozen Ever after were our rides of choice, and they were the perfect way to end our trip.


We decided we needed a little extra treat for completing this challenge, so we booked a last minute reservation at Coral Reef.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

It is my dream to eat at every Epcot restaurant, and we got to cross this one off our list. The view from our table was a dream, and I will be sharing a full review of this eatery in the coming months.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

We took our time getting desserts and drinks from the World Showcase, did some pin trading, and stopped for our final pictures.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

We left the parks around 7pm, because we actually had to drive all the way back to Atlanta after our long day! Call us crazy, but it was well worth it. In the future, I hope to do the 6 park challenge, which will include the 2 Universal theme parks.

4 Parks 1 Day: The Ultimate Disney Challenge

Final thoughts:

  • This challenge was tiring, but it was not as impossible as it may seem.
  • It is ABSOLUTELY worth doing at least once. It was a fresh and exciting way to experience the parks.
  • Make sure to make the Fastpass for your next park as soon as you are able.
  • The hardest part was all of the walking! Those Disney parking lots are no joke.

Do you plan on taking the challenge? Let me know if there are any other Disney bucket list ideas we should try!


  1. You guys are amazing!! I love that you guys did this! It sounds so fun to do but I know it would be hard for me to handle all the walking.. but I hope to do it one day!! 💕

    1. Thanks Alison! We had so much fun. The walking is definitely the hardest part, but I hope you can do it one day too!

    1. Thank you! I was pretty tired after the 2nd park, but it was fun to do at least once!:)

    2. I’m sure – yes I agree, it’s worth doing at least once. 😊🙌🏽 We’ll be there this summer, usually try to go when kids are off from school. Btw Pop Century is great, we’ve stayed there – amazing! Also, Art of Animation, another one of our favorite resorts at Disney. 🥰

  2. We do at least one ride in each park then have a sit down meal in one park, a quick service in one park and and snack in the other 2. We see a parade or show in one park and fireworks in another. And of course go to all 4 Starbucks! We also have done the 24 hour MK days twice.

  3. I’ve wanted to do this challenge, as well, but just haven’t taken the time to plan it out. I hate Tower of Terror though–when my son was young (before they changed the ride), I seriously thought he was going to fly out. Another problem we have is that we always have to go during the busiest times of the year. I think you could do the 4 park challenge then, but would definitely have to plan correctly and hope for no problems.

  4. We accidentally did three one day and Disney Springs – didn’t realize until the end of the evening, hey, we could have gone to the fourth park! Disney Springs is a like a theme park of food and alcohol, though – does that count? 😉

    1. Also, the next Friday the 13th, we have a challenge of our own to ride the Tower 13 times in one day. I think we’re going to get really, really sick. 🙁

    2. OH MY GOODNESS! What a fun challenge. You can do it!
      Definitely report back and tell me how it goes 😍

    3. Counts in my book 😜
      We also had accidentally done three yet, and we figured it wouldn’t be too hard to add a fourth!

    4. Yeah, not too hard at all! 😉 But well done, you, that’s a mess of running around and walking and standing and…oh my, already feeling off about this Tower thing! I will definitely report back once I’ve regained my equilibrium. 😉

  5. I’ve never heard of this challenge, but it sounds like a lot of fun! I haven’t been to a Disney park in a while so it would be so hard to leave once I got there!

    1. Definitely! If I wasn’t an annual passholder I’m not sure I would do it. I’d probably be too busy trying to get everything done!

  6. I used to live near Orlando and had an annual pass. I would try so hard to do all four parks in a day but I always got side tracked with things to do at whichever park I was at. Hopefully I can make it back there one day and do it myself! It looks so much fun!

  7. What a fun day!!! You guys look so cute in all the photos, I had to LOL about your poncho– such a smart idea! 😂 All of the food looks awesome, too. ♡

    1. Thank you so much beautiful! That poncho always cracks me up to. Very stylish 😂😂

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