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As I shared earlier this week, I just celebrated my one year blogging anniversary!

I woke up today feeling extremely grateful for the support of my loved ones and friends on the internet. In honor of my one year anniversary, I am going to share with you my top 10 most popular posts of this last year.

10. Liberty Tree Tavern Review

My favorite restaurant at Disney! If you are on the fence about trying out Liberty Tree Tavern, my review will take away your doubt.


9. Starting A Family With A Chronic Illness

I put my heart on the line when I shared about my hopes of starting a family one day. I have been living with Fibromyalgia for over 3 years, and this is a little bit of my process.

Starting A Family When You Are Fighting A Chronic Illness.jpeg

8. 6 Must Try Snacks At Universal Studios

A donut as big as my head? Yes please.

6 Must Try Snacks At Universal Studios

7. San Angel Inn Review

In a stark contrast to my Liberty Tree Tavern review, my review for San Angel may convince you to rethink your dining plans.

San Angel Inn Review.jpeg

6. How I Read 87 Books In 140 Days 

I get asked all the time, “How do you read so many books?!” In this post, I share all my tips and tricks.

How I Read 87 Books In 140 Days.jpeg

5. 6 Snacks To Try At Disney World

There is no need to waste your snack credits on mediocre food. Check out this post to find out which snacks will leave you wanting more.

6 Snacks To Try At Disney World.jpeg

4. Start Off 2019 Right With These 15 Books 

Do you have reading goals for the new year? Let me share with you some of my favorite books!

Start Off 2019 With These 15 Books.jpeg

3. I Read 160 Books In A Year: Here Is What I Recommend

In 2018, I made my way through 160 books. In this post I will tell you which ones are must reads and which ones should be avoided.

I Read 160 Books This Year _ Here Is What I Recommend.jpeg

2. The Craziest Things That People Have Seen At Disney

Are you in the mood for a good laugh? You won’t believe some of the bizarre things people have witnessed at Disney.


1. 10 Harry Potter Quotes For A Rainy Day

On my hardest days, these books ever fail to bring a smile to my face. If you are going through a difficult time, I hope these Harry Potter quotes will lift your spirit.

10 Harry Potter Quotes For A Rainy Day.jpeg

What has been your favorite post of this past year?

I hope you have a magical Thursday!

  1. Congratulations on sticking with blogging! It can be a crazy ride; especially with chronic illness. I read you post about starting a family with chronic illness and felt compelled to share a bit about my story with you Jubilee. I have struggled with chronic illness for as long as I can remember but there is nothing greater than the love I have for my daughters to kick my butt into gear when I am having the worst of days. They kept me going and motivated me to find solutions to be the best mom possible while dealing with illness. You are going to be a great mom!!

  2. Congratulations on one year of blogging Jubilee! That’s so exciting! I just celebrated my one year back in December so I know the excitement! I enjoyed reading a bit about your top 10 posts! Did any that made the list surprise you? I always think it’s fun to look at the numbers to see what did better than anticipated or the just the opposite lol!

    -Madi xo |

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