Disney Magic Becomes Family Connection: Guest Post

This week I have a magical guest post for you from Sarah Langner. She is a life coach, blogger, wife, and mother of 4. Her mission is to empower women to recognize and develop their unique talents beyond the overwhelm and stress of life as a wife and mother. Make sure to check out more of her inspirational posts here.

Disney Magic Becomes Family Connection

When we go to Disney World, we take extra care and attention to make sure we stop and feel the magic. We do this in an effort to strengthen the connection we have as a family during our trip so we can return home closer than ever.

Certainly we could create plans to hit all the rides in just the right order so we wouldn’t miss a thing. But then we’d miss the most important thing. We’d miss the look on our daughter’s face when she got caught up by Alice and chased the White Rabbit. We’d miss the opportunity to see our little boy take his first steps in Fort Langhorn on Tom Sawyer’s Island. We’d miss visiting Mary Poppins at both Epcot and Magic Kingdom, and have her remember our children.

Disney Magic Becomes Family Connection

When you slow down at Disney World, you give yourself the opportunity to connect with your children and family and strengthen your relationships.

We place that connection as the most important part of our vacation. This means we usually take an afternoon break to swim and take a nap so everyone is as refreshed as possible. This means sometimes we change our plans, and sometimes we stop to play in a playground. Connection means we really stop and listen to each other and what we want our trip to be. Our one daughter plans to be a chef when she grows up, and she’s been so fortunate too meet so many chefs on our trips who take time to talk to her and encourage her. Last year our favourite chef taught her how to properly cook mussels in white wine.

These memories don’t stop once we leave the parks. They continue to grow and spring up at home when our children say, “Do you remember that time…” or when our daughter asks us to buy mussels to she can try out the recipe she learned. These memories bring us together in the middle of winter when we open our album and remember how much fun we had.

One of my favourite memories was when our son was 5, it was late and he was tired. We
bought him an Iron Man bubble blaster to try to keep him happy until could get back to the resort. He sprayed his bubbles at pretty much everyone we passed. And almost every single person pretended to be shot, and fell over wounded for him. Some people blasted back with their own bubbles or other toy weapons, but every person between the restaurant and our resort helped keep that little boy happy by joining in his play.

Disney Magic Becomes Family Connection

When walking through a Disney park there are so many shows and little bits of entertainment to draw in each person’s attention. One year our kiddo got the opportunity to take clown lessons right after visiting Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. We could have kept walking to the next ride, but we stopped and they had so much fun. Even though there were so many different opportunities available to them, that one, where they were given the time and attention to stretch their abilities just a little, filled them with so much pride. They reminded us of how well they did for days after. *They’ve actually had clown lessons a few times and I was given free cotton candy because I was willing to try juggling in public (I was very bad at it).

Another time my husband, Ryan, and I took a morning to ourselves, and sent our children on a pirate adventure without us. According to their version of the story, their ship was taken over, they crashed, stormed Epcot, and had such a magical experience that they still talk about it 4 years later.

For our family, Disney World is a place where we recharge, relax, and most importantly,

It’s the way we stop and let them choose what we’re doing next, or how fast we move to get to where we’re going. The way we give them opportunities to stretch themselves just a little more than when we arrived. Two of our children finally learned to swim in the magic water at our Disney resort. One learned to juggle during a hurricane, and all have grown into themselves just a little more. I’m a better mother and over all a better person because of the magic we share at Disney World.

Disney Magic Becomes Family Connection

For us, Disney World marks so many milestones and life transitions. It’s a place where our children try out new skills, and open up to us a little more than they do at home. We go to Disney World year after year, because it brings our family closer together. We return home recharged, relaxed, and reconnected to each other and ourselves.

  1. This was such a good read! I have never been to Disney but I have several friends who are getting ready to go so I shared it on my Facebook feed.
    I think your main principal in this article can really be applied to any part or situation! We miss so many memories and opportunities when we are rushing around!

  2. Reading this article brought back memories of my trip Disney in 2013. I went back to look at pictures. Thank you! As long as you are with your loved ones, it does not matter where you are. Just stay in the moment, relax and reconnect!

  3. I can still remember going on a hunt for Tinkerbell in Magic Kingdom which I did for my probably sixth or seventh birthday. The parks are full of magic! Disney does a good job of transporting you while you are at their parks.

  4. So many great lessons. I can’t wait to go to Disney world with my own kiddos. I’ll keep your tips in mind to make sure we are stress free and connecting. Love it!

  5. So many people wonder why we keep going back to Disney. It’s for little moments just like these. There’s so much to see and do, especially when you aren’t focused on running to the next ride.

  6. I think the “stop and slow down” can be applied anywhere we go to “take in the magic”. Sometimes we are so rushed and busy, we forget to really take in the moment around us. Great post!

  7. We went to Epcot on our honeymoon and have it on our list to take our kids! I love your storytelling and your way of sharing how you make family memories that last!

  8. Beautiful message. This is a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the magic, not only at Disney but everywhere.

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