How I Paid Off $900 Of Debt In One Month

For the month of February I decided to focus on finances. I wanted to do this early on in my Happiness Project, so that I would put myself in a good position for the rest of the year. I started out by asking friends and family what their best money saving tips were. The overwhelming majority all had the same things to say: DAVE RAMSEY.

How I Paid Off $900 Of Debt In A Month

Total Money Makeover

This was my first book in the month of February. I wanted to make sure I fully understood his advice, and I ended up learning a lot from what he had to say. He got me excited at the idea of becoming fully debt free early on in life. His favorite phrase? Live like no one else, so that you can live like no one else.

How I Paid Off $900 Of Debt In A Month

Debt Snowball

The biggest thing I took away from his program, was the concept of snowballing my debt. This consists of listing out every single thing you owe. You will then sort them from the least amount of money to the greatest. Once you have your list, you will begin tackling the smallest debt first. The idea is that you will be motivated as you see each small debt being eliminated.

I decided I was ready to take the challenge. I recently opened a credit card after I was stuck with an unexpected $600 medical bill. I wanted to focus this month on getting that bill completely paid off. I am happy to report, I DID IT! I personally love Dave Ramsey’s method, and he is right that I was filled with motivation paying off that bill. I plan to continue his debt snowball method for the rest of the year.

Frugal Date Days

We made the decision to make our date days cost efficient in February. We have always loved window shopping and going to the mall, so we continued to do that. We treated ourselves to weekly Pho, which is our favorite cheap date day food. You can find more creative date ideas here.

How I Paid Off $900 Of Debt In A Month


Alright…the truth is I could have been more diligent at couponing. Good thing I have the rest of the year to tackle finances as well! We did on a few occasions think to check for last minute coupons, and we were able to save a pretty penny.

Coin Jar

I love our new coin “jar”. We bought this the day before February started, so technically I didn’t pay for it in my finance month. We continue to fill it daily with coins and spare dollar bills. One of our favorite ways to save cash? When we go buy groceries, we always get $5-10 cashback and put it in our jar. We plan on using this money for a fun resort stay at Disney in November.

How I Paid Off $900 Of Debt In A Month

Overall, I feel great about how finance month went for us! I have felt the most encouraged about money than I have in years. I made the right choice doing this in the beginning of the year, because it will set me up for success for the rest of 2019. Feel free to let me know if you have any other money saving tips!

How is your Happiness Project going?

It isn’t too late to join in March! You can read more about The Happiness Project here.

How I Paid Off $900 Of Debt In A Month


  1. Oh wow I’ve never heard of him before but damn he (and you!) must be good if you saved and paid off that much! Does snowballing debt happen a lot in America due to medical bills? (I assume that it would?)

  2. Frugal is my middle name so any article about saving money pings my interest. While I have never read any of David Ramsey’s work, you writing about it intrigues me. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Congrats on tackling debt! We all have it, and starting to pay it off can be stressful. You pointed out some great tips that I am going to keep in mind for my own finances.

  4. That’s incredible! My husband and I are doing Financial Peace University and it’s been great. I also like his saying “Live like no one else, so that you can live like no one else.” It’s so true!

  5. having financial freedom is such a wonderful feeling! keep up the good work and really a great job!

  6. February has been a financial wellness month for me, too. I did a whole no spend weekend and wrote about it over on my blog! Congrats on paying off your debt! It’s no easy task. I paid off about $700 this month which has me motivated for my next goal – my car which I’m painfully close to being done with!

    Lauren |

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