Read What Makes You Happy (Without Apologizing)

I consider myself to be an avid reader. In the last 2 years, I have made my way through 224 books. Some books have been forgettable, some have brought me hope, and some books hold me within their pages long after I have finished. The process of choosing my next reads is pretty chaotic. On most days it comes down to what I have access to through my library or what deals I can find on Thriftbooks.

I tend to gravitate towards non fiction, though fiction books have been taking up more and more of my time lately. I crave memoirs that take me through the story of someone’s life. I get inspired reading self improvement books that are riddled with tips on how to live a fulfilled life. I come alive when I am taken through an imaginary hero’s real feeling journey. But here is a secret that I used to hate to admit: I like Twilight. 

I know, I know. Yes, I am referring to the cliche story of the teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. Yes, the one where they are afraid to kiss for fear that he will kill her. Yes, the one that has a very dramatic love triangle that caused a nation to pick teams.

Once I started getting into reading again, I began tracking all of my books on Goodreads. I still remember the cringe I felt when I clicked “currently reading” Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. Breaking Dawn. I spent way to much time hoping that my friends would scroll through the feed quickly and miss that embarrassing update.

Thankfully one day as I was tracking my “shameful read”, I had an epiphany. Why am I taking myself so seriously? Who am I trying to impress?

I came to the decision that I would read what “sparks joy” in me. Does it make me happy while I am reading it?  Yes. Then I am going to read it. I don’t have to defend my reading choices to anyone, and why do I think that anyone really cares what I read anyway?

Twilight, Nicholas Sparks, and other romantic YA novels are fun for me to read on occasion. For me, these books fall into a similar category as sitcoms do. Would you want to watch serious drama movies for the rest of your life? No! You need Disney movies and Parks and Rec to break through the seriousness of life.

So here I am shouting from the rooftop: I read the Twilight series every year, and I don’t forsee that stopping any time soon.

Read what brings you joy. 

Maybe you haven’t read a book in years because you think you have to read highly praised and respected books.  Maybe you have passed by “The Lightening Thief” or other young adult novels thinking, “I am too old to read that.” Give yourself permission to be unapologetically YOU.

Read What Makes You Happy(Without Apologizing)

  1. I bought a series for my sons to read when they’re older, I read the first book a long time ago and thought it was really good. It’s for kids but I never read the rest because of that. I think I’ll read the rest now. lol you’re right, I don’t need to explain myself. I just want to read them.

    1. I LOVE THAT! You should definitely read them if it makes you happy:) I love the Percy Jackson books, even though I think their target audience is about 12 haha

  2. Absolutely! Why waste your time reading what you think you should be reading to keep up with the trends. That’s not the point. Love this!

  3. I’m 30 and read A LOT of YA science fiction and fantasy. I just love it. It took me a while to feel ok sharing my reads with friends. Now I don’t worry about it – who cares. I like it and I’m reading instead of surfing the internet. Win-win.

  4. Nicholas Sparks lives near my hometown. I have not been able to get into his works as I’m not huge on love. I enjoy fiction books as well, memoirs (especially war), and self help books.

  5. You are so right! You should definitely read want you want and shout it from the rooftop! Nothing wrong with having a little guilty reading pleasure!

  6. I wish I had more time to read fictional books, but I tend to lean more towards reference or guidance based books where I am gather knowledge. I guess that says something about my personality LOL

  7. I love this! If I ever find more time to read, I’ll simply read what jumps out to me and what looks interesting!

  8. I admit to liking Twilight, although by the end of the series, I was tired of it. I’ve never gotten through one of the movies though. Because I teach ELA, I read a lot of young adult lit, but I admit to being a closet romance reader as well. (Okay, maybe I’m out of the closet, but even so…)

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