What To Do When You Feel Uninspired

This blog post has taken quite a while to write. Why? Because sometimes I have days where I feel painfully uninspired. Where words would normally come smoothly, my mind feels like it is drawing a blank. I’ll have weeks like this occasionally,  and luckily they never stay for long.

Here are my tips for channeling your inner inspired heart when you just aren’t feeling it:

What To Do When You Feel Uninspired

  1. Do something you’ve never done

Maybe you’ve done everything you know to do, and the world still seemed drained of its normal vibrant color. Maybe that incredible feeling that you get when you know your on the right track has disappeared. Sometimes we just have to admit, those things are not working for us in this season. It could be time to try something new! Take an art class, even if you have the drawing ability of a second grader. Go watch a production at the local theater, it could be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing. If there is something you’ve thought, “I’ve always want to do that, but there is no way I could.” Go do it! You never know until you try. And after all it’s not about being the next picasso. It’s about getting unstuck.

     2. Observe others’ creativity

If you’re feeling especially uncreative, try to tap into other’s creativity(without putting pressure on yourself to match it). Feed off of the inspiration surrounding you, and see if it can ignite something in your soul. For me this would look like scrolling through Pinterest, reading blogs, or watching movies with thought provoking themes.

     3. Go through the motions

Fake it till you make it baby! Did you know that science has proven that forcing yourself to smile actually tricks your mind into becoming happier? It’s the same concept here. You may not feel imaginative, motivated, or inspired right now, but what would you do if you did feel those things? For me that would look like sitting down and writing, even if I feel that I’m running on empty. It looks like practicing yoga, even when I feel there is no way my mind can be settled. It means choosing to live your life to the fullest, even if your feelings are trying to tell you otherwise.

     4. Give yourself grace

We all have those weeks! You are absolutely not alone. While we may be tempted get down on ourselves or think that we are failures, it is simply not the truth. We are all just human beings trying to do our best. Life comes in ebbs and flows and we should respect that some days are just better than others. With that being said, make sure your taking care of yourself in this time. Maybe your body is telling you to slow down and rest. Perhaps you should take a bath, read a book, or catch up with an old friend. Listen to your mind, body, and soul. It won’t steer you wrong.

Until next time,

Jubilee Meyer


  1. Good advice! I find that doing something new or visiting a new place works very well and since I live in a large city- Houston, TX- I can always find something new.

  2. Thanks this was very helpful. I often find myself losing drive and going thru small phases of motivation. I actually need a YouTube playlist of videos to help spark that fire sometimes.

  3. We all hit those rough patches once in a while, right? I love your advice here especially about others’ creativity and letting you inspire by them.

  4. Love all the ideas! I normally like to read other blogs to get my inspiration back on track, or… just take a break of everything, get snuggle in the couch and watch a good movie.

  5. Yes!! I so feel like this from time to time. Stuck, unimaginative, unable to turn on the computer to blog… I hate feeling like that, so I’m so greatful for your tips! One that I find easy, and gets me in a fresh state of mind, is watching an inspiring movie. If it’s uplifting and my jam, I can walk away excited for a new day. ❤️

  6. Great points and wonderful advice! I will apply these during times when I am stuck on what to write about.

  7. Yes I find writer’s block to be so debilitating and disheartening. My favorite pick me up is to scan through my pins. From Sims memes to my laundry room makeover I can usually find so much Inspiration that undoubtedly screams ME!

  8. This is really helpful as I do get this a lot. I don’t want to write something when I’m uninspired cause I don’t want writing to be a daunting task for me. What I usually do is I take some time to reflect on my thoughts and even take naps in between!

  9. Even though I have 5 kids, there are days when I don’t have anything to write about. This was helpful, especially the advice on trying something new. I love to do new things. I know new things can help give me ideas of what to write about.

  10. This is great advice, I think we all have those days that inspiration can be fleeting. I find that I am usually inspired by all things around me, it can be anything really, my husband says it is a bazaar method to watch, LOL. I think the key it not let the other things block or bog your creativity down.

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