Finance Goals: The Happiness Project

For the second month of my Happiness Project, I have decided to tackle…. Finances!

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I have decided that I want to get in a GREAT place financially. My husband and I have big plans for the future, and for us that includes hopefully adopting a child. We’ve realized that if we want to fulfill our dreams, we have to be smart with our money and pay off debt. I started looking tips and tricks to save money, and this is what I have decided to do so far:

  • Keep an expense journal

Writing down everything we spend our money on will help us keep track of where our finances are going.

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  • Cash envelopes

I want to begin budgeting for all of our expenses every month. We are going to set aside our money in envelopes for each category. If there is one tip I have heard over and over, it is to use cash!

How I Plan To Save Money

  • Buy basic products at Dollar Tree

There are so many things that can be bought at the local Dollar Tree. Obviously some things need to be bought at better quality, but Dollar Tree can help us save on a few basics.

How I Plan To Save Money

  • Buy in bulk

Find the good deals and take advantage of them!

How I Plan To Save Money

  • Coupons

They say Mom’s are always right, so I am gonna trust my Mom on this one. Her #1 piece of advice for me was to start using coupons now.

How I Plan To Save Money

  • Eat our meals at home

We already eat the majority of our meals at home, but we are going to be even more mindful to make sure that we don’t waste our money eating out.

How I Plan To Save Money

  • Apps I want to try

I got some great app recommendations this week after I asked what my friends what they do to save! Here are the ones I am excited to try out:




How I Plan To Save Money

  • Check for fun activities on Groupon

My husband and I love going on dates and having fun. We are going to try and take advantage of the good deals on Groupon this February.

How I Plan To Save Money

  • Snowball debt method

This method involves listing your debts from smallest to greatest. We are going to work on knocking out the smallest and working our way up!

How I Plan To Save Money

  • Save all coins

Simple enough. Every single spare coin will be put into a savings jar.

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  • Read Total Money Makeover 

I am so excited to read Dave Ramsey’s book. “The Total Money Makeover”. I have heard nothing but good things about his book for the last few years. We are going to follow his plan to get out of debt and prepare for our future.

Now I need your help! What are your best money saving tips?

  1. These are some great tips! We recently had to buckle down on our budget and to be honest it’s actually been pretty easy. When you really want something it makes it easier to stick to it.

  2. Good stuff here, Jubilee! You are wise to get your finances under control while ya’all are young. Financial wisdom is a skill and it’s easier to be pro-active than to have to catch up at some point in the future!
    Bless you!!
    (BTW, I tried to “like” this but my “like” button refuses to register my liking! argh! Just know this- I “LIKE” your blog!! 😉 )

  3. Love this post! I’m currently adopting most of the tips here because I need to achieve my financial goals this year.
    I’m currently making good use of my piggybank, every extra coins go into that little box!

    Thanks for sharing❣

  4. Ibotta is a great resource! Make sure you check the expiration dates, though, because like regular coupons, these deals don’t last forever. I also use Groupon AVIDLY for our date nights – we just had a discussion on this when planning a Paint Nite for Valentine’s Day!
    Me: There’s ALWAYS a groupon for it! Let’s find one!
    Partner: So? Doesn’t it take longer to find it, sometimes it’s just nice to know what you’re doing! [We rarely do things for Valentine’s Day because I would prefer to spend it at home with tasty foods.]
    Me: Found it. Saved us $16!
    Partner: grumble, grumble, ok.
    Let me know if you come up with any great tips as you continue – we also plan to adopt one day so it’s good to have that in the back of our minds 🙂

  5. Great tips. I am trying to adopt some of these in order to save more this year. I would love to try some of these apps. Thank you so much for sharing. XO

  6. These are all awesome tips, I love Ibotta and Groupon. In February I’m going on a “shopping diet” I don’t need any more clothes or junk! I’m going to really focus on how much I spend on stuff that really doesn’t matter.

  7. These are all such great tips! Many times we don’t think about taking better care of our money until we actually need some and then it’s too late.

  8. You have done great tips here that I can add to my plan. Cash envelopes didn’t work so well for me but I think keeping an expense journal might be pretty eye opening. I also need to cook and eat and home.

  9. All great tips. We periodically go on a spending freeze where we literally just stop buying anything that isn’t necessary. Anything we might think of buying during that time we put on a wish list. If we still need/want that item after the end of the freeze (usually 1-3 months) we can get it. But many times you realize you really didn’t need the thing you wanted!

  10. I love all your tips. I have used the saving $5 method and it came to my rescue many times. Another great tip is to set aside a day in the weekend as a no spend day. I say weekend because you tend to spend if you are not at work.

  11. YEEESSSS!!!! Kill the debt! My husband and I read Dave Ramsey’s book and love listening to him on YouTube. We are almost done with our debt snowball and plan to be completely done in a few months!

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