DIY Coffee Bar

It is no secret that this girl loves her coffee.

When we moved to Atlanta in 2017, I had one thing on my mind: My dream coffee bar. I knew that it was important for me to nest and create my own space. It has become a place for me to feel comfort and at peace.

It took us at least a week to have everything unpacked and put away. but our coffee bar was set up in 2 days.

DIY Coffee Bar

So here is everything you will need to recreate this cozy space in your own home.

Wall Decor

DIY Coffee Bar

1. “but first…Coffee”Β 

2.“It is well with my soul”

3.“This Home Runs On Love, Laughter & Lots Of Strong Coffee”

4.“Today is a good day for a good day”

5.“Courage dear heart”

6.“How do I take my coffee? Seriously. Very seriously.”

Mug Display

DIY Coffee Bar

1.Rustic Coffee Mug Holder

2. Steel Mug Organizer Rack

3. Rustic Kitchen Shelf With 8 Hooks


DIY Coffee Bar


2.Coffee Grinder

3.French Press

4.Espresso Machine

5.Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Coffee and Tea Jars

DIY Coffee Bar

1.3 Piece Coffee, Tea, and Sugar Set

2.Retro Farmhouse Mason Jars

3.Chalkboard Glass Canisters

4.Stainless Steel Canister Set

Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Bar

1.Wood and Metal Kitchen Cart

2.Wire-Brush Kitchen Cart

3.Antique White- Table Buffet

4.Home Kitchen Island- White


DIY Coffee Bar

1.Assorted Decorative Pots

2.Set of 4 Artificial Succulent Plants


Now you have everything you need to create your own coffee bar!

There is nothing better than feeling cozy and relaxed in your home.

Until next time,


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DIY Coffee Bar

  1. Adorable and the links are oh so helpful (my hubby would disagree πŸ˜‚). I’ve been wanting to do this myself but my little one still likes to try and make her own coffee so I’m stuck with it on the counter with my toaster, bleh.

  2. This is lovely. I’m a die hard coffee addict. No one can talk to me in the morning before my first cup of coffee! I’ll definitely try this set up.

  3. The suspended mugs are the only thing missing on my coffee section! THANK YOU for giving me this idea!

  4. I absolutely love this coffee bar! I’ve been thinking of doing something like this and now I think I need to make it a reality! Thank you

  5. This is such an adorable idea. It looks so awesome and simple. I’ve been thinking about adding a little coffee bar to our apartment and this is reat inspiration.

  6. This reminds me so much of the coffee bar we had in our very first apartment! I love it and all of those super cute signs!!

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