Magical Acts Of Kindness At Disney World

Disney World: The happiest place on earth!

Most of us attribute the parks with themed rides, unique shows, and delicious food, but sometimes there is a little extra magic waiting for us. While the attractions get people through the gates, the atmosphere of Disney is what brings them back time and time again.  These fellow park goers received a little extra pixie dust during their visits.Magical Acts Of Kindness At Disney World

“I Disney bounded as Belle once and when I was waiting for the parade a photopass photographer saw me then started yelling “OH MY GOODNESS IT’S PRINCESS BELLE LOOK GUYS IT’S PRINCESS BELLE” and ran over with two other photographers to take paparazzi shots of me standing there. made my entire year.”Stephanie

“Every time I go I bring something special to give to someone, completely random. I’ve given kids Mickey balloons, stickers, wands, necklaces, bubbles etc ☺️ just to spread the magic! It brings so much joy to my life!”-Cody

I had a lovely older woman come up to our table Chef Mickey’s at dinner time & give us 3 tickets to the MK After Hours event for that night! It was amazing & generous (as tix were $149 each!), we had a blast”-Erika

Magical Acts Of Kindness At Disney World

I was on the bus back to our resort with my son, who was 3 at the time and wasn’t feeling well. I was a single mom at the time also and was used to doing most bus rides by myself due to needing to leave our family for naps and such. So I loaded up the stroller, our bags, and had him sit next to me. He cried the whole bus ride back. I felt awful for everyone having to listen to it, but as we were getting off the bus an older lady told me I was a good mom with extreme patience and to keep doing what I was doing. Cue the tears. 😭 Then her granddaughter helped carry the stroller off the bus and set it up for me. It’s the little things that mean the most!”-Paige

“I was wearing my ‘Not Dead Yet’ tour shirt. I was on a trip round the world to celebrate turning 30 and that Cystic Fibrosis hadn’t killed me. At Teppan Edo the people I was sharing a table with didn’t speak to me the whole meal, but they must have read my shirt, and they paid for my meal! I was speechless!”-Amanda 

“We were standing in line for the Frozen ride in Epcot and my 3 year old daughter fell asleep while holding her. My husband and my son were off doing other things. She was getting heavy after holding her for about half an hour and the gentleman in line in front of me offered to hold her for me. Of course I was hesitant and first to let a stranger hold her. But I let eventually I took him up on his offer. She slept soundly in this sweet man’s shoulder until it was our turn to board the ride. It made me entire trip. Just the absolute kindness and willingness to help a complete stranger.”-Erin

“Housekeeping saw my son’s adoption celebration shirt and laid it out on his bed with balloons.”

“We were at Boardwalk with our friends who have an adult daughter who is wheelchair bound. Second day of our stay one of the axles on her stroller broke. CM’s tried to fit a new nut etc. Finally one CM who had a son who was challenged went to the shop at Yacht and Beach and made us a new axle. We tried to tip him and all he wanted for his trouble was to meet my friends daughter.”-Sam

“When we were there in August of 2017, we were eating at Hollywood & Vine. It was a later reservation, and we were one of only a handful of families left. There was a family from France seated next to us. The father spoke English very well and the mother was able to speak enough where we engaged in a nice conversation. They had two little girls, and we one. The girls did not speak each other’s language (except for “hello” & “goodbye”) and played together for over an hour. They did not want to leave each other or stop playing. It was so sweet, honestly made me tear up. They didn’t care about the language barrier, and managed to have an amazing time. We and the other parents were so moved, they reminded us of their innocence and that we can learn a lot from our children.” –Lisa 

I left my glasses at the paradise pier and didn’t realize it until we were at the airport. I called them and said if they found them, let me know.
They have my card on file and I would pay for them to send them to me since it was my fault. They not only sent them to me on their dime, but sent a sweet note. That is why I pay to stay there. Their customer service is stellar.”- Aimee 

“My first trip there I was in the single rider line of test track and started chatting to a mother and son, including about the fact that it was my first time overseas by myself. At the end of the ride I was looking at photos in the gift shop, and they came up to say hi. The mum told me I was brave for travelling so far by myself, and handed me $20 to buy a souvenir to remember them by! I was absolutely touched, and got a Chip mug that 3 years later still sits proudly on my desk (and I think of them every time I look at it)”-Stephanie

“Every time I see a couple or a big family struggling to take ‘the family picture’ I always offer to take it for them. Is just something that satisfies me that they can have a good picture.”

“I’ve had my meal paid for twice, once because I was on a solo trip from Australia and the people next to me at 50’s liked me. They gave me $50 at the end of the meal with a ‘Welcome to America’.”-Amanda

“The best I’ve seen was actually between guests. I work park entry and seen a couple come up on a party night not realizing they needed the extra ticket. The family behind them had 2 tickets they did not need anymore since 2 people could not make it and handed them to the couple. Sweetest nicest thing I’ve seen.”

“We met a couple who was there celebrating their son’s memory on the anniversary of his passing. Over the course of the day they would buy different stuffed animals and share them with children they saw to share the love. It was heart wrenchingly sweet.”

“While my daughter,son and I waited in a long line to see the princesses a cast member noticed how patient my son was and went and got him a churro!!”-Nikki

Magical Acts Of Kindness At Disney World

Have you witnessed any acts of kindness at Disney? What can you do today to help make someone’s day a little brighter?

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  1. This is an amazing post. I love Disney World and can’t wait to take both my boys. You always here about bad things that happen or the negative side. It’s refreshing to hear about good experiences and people being kind to each other. Thank you for this.

    1. You’re so welcome! I agree. It is easy to focus on the little things that go wrong, but so many things go right everyday! I hope you get to go with your boys soon:)

  2. I love the magic at Disney! Mousekeeping decorated our room with towel animals when we went for our honeymoon, and we were given front row seats at the Lion King when we wore our Newlywed shirts!

    1. That is so sweet! Nothing like a little pixie dust:) We also had a few things like that when we were on our Honeymoon:)

    1. Aren’t they the cutest? I love hearing positive stories like those:)

  3. I love these types of stories! My sister took her kids to Disney for my niece’s birthday in November and Snow White took my niece to each princess in the castle once she found out it was her birthday.

  4. These are so fun to read through! I’m a total disney junkie and have had my fair share of magic at the parks!

  5. I love this post so much! One time when it was raining (Hurricane Andrea), friends of ours wore garbage bags to the parks as raincoats. A staff member fairy dusted them with Disney ponchos. On a different trip, I lost my wedding ring at the hotel. Disney mailed it back–so impressive! We’ve gifted others with extra mini-golf passes that we weren’t using.

  6. Oh wow! This was so beautiful. I love how real the magic is at Disney. So fun that you gathered a bunch of different stories from different people. ♡ Thanks for sharing, Jubilee!

  7. I’m enjoying your blogs, Jubilee! I keep trying to “like” your posts but something is wrong with the WordPress website I guess.
    Anyway, bottom line? ROCK ON JUBILEE!!

    1. Oh no, I wonder why :/
      Thank you so much Sandy! You always encourage me. You are the best!:)

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