Give Your Body What It Needs

Hello sweet friends!

I wasn’t planning on sharing anything today, but I was scrolling through some old photos and found this one from a few months ago at Disney.

In this picture my body was terrible pain and I felt like I might pass out. We were in the queue for Test Track, and I felt stabbing pains in my hips, legs, and hands. So what did I do? I sat down in the middle of the line. No shame.
When I first got sick, I used to really care what people thought of me. I remember being on my honeymoon and breaking down into tears. I was ashamed that my body couldn’t seem to keep up with every else at the parks.

Now? I sit down and give myself breaks whenever I realize I need them. My pain and illness doesn’t define me. I used to stay home and wait out the pain, now I go out and have fun! I may have to sit down and rest every 10 minutes, but it sure beats letting fear convince me to stay home.

In this pictures I felt horribly sick, but at the same time I was filled with happiness. Learning that both can coexist has changed my life❤️

  1. I can relate so much to this. My body always breaks down slowly as the day goes by. And when we go to Disney World, although a very exciting time away, it’s brutal to my body. But you’d never know it seeing the pictures.
    We learn to smile through the pain, often for those whom we love.

  2. I loved this post. I love when people choose to embrace the things they can’t change and live their life anyway. It’s inspiring and uplifting, especially when it’s so easy to just be negative.

    1. It has been a learning curve for me, but I find it is becoming easier with time. Thank you Cadie!

  3. Good for you! And that illustration literally broke my heart, since I’ve always hated my body so much. It deserves to be loved. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It does deserve love! I’ve been on a journey of realizing that it doesn’t benefit me to condemn my body. It only ends up hurting myself in the end. Our bodies deserve love and affirmation:)

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