Epcot’s Rose & Crown Review

Let me start by saying, I was not expecting much. Despite hearing wonderful things about this eatery, I didn’t have much of an interest in checking it out myself. My reasoning? Fish and chips is fish and chips. How good could it be?

Checking In

When we got to the U.K. pavilion, we checked in and we grabbed a seat at the bar connected to the restaurant. I loved that there was a cozy spot for us to sit while we waiting for our table. We only had to wait about 15 minutes until our table was ready to go.


Drinks & Pixie Dust

We were greeted by our waiter, who was one of my favorite parts of the experience. Disney employees do a great job of keeping the energy up and making you feel like they truly want you there. Tim ordered a recommended beer, and he even decided to pay a little extra for the souvenir mug. When our drinks came out, we realized that he forgot to give Tim his drink in the mug. We shrugged it off and figured that we didn’t really need the mug anyway. About 10 minutes later, our waiter came by and was so apologetic. We assured him it was not a big deal AT ALL, but he ended up giving us the mug for FREE. Yay for Disney pixie dust!


The Menu



We ordered the Scotch Egg for our appetizer because many people on the Disney Foodie’s Facebook page said that they loved it. I had only had one scotch egg before(at Food & Wine Festival), and I didn’t really enjoy it. Luckily, this scotch egg was amazing! It is one of my favorite Disney appetizers that I have tried so far.



Time for fish and chips! Remember how I said I thought all fish and chips tasted the same? Yeah, I was absolutely wrong. These are by far the best fish and chips I have ever had. They serve it with a homemade tartar sauce(different than the one at the quick service kiosk). It was flaky, flavorful, and filling.



As if we hadn’t had enough to eat, we ordered a dessert to split. I’ve never been a big fan of desserts with pudding, but I was surprised that I fell in love with this one. It still doesn’t beat the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake at Liberty Tree Tavern, but the Sticky Toffee Pudding left quite the impression on me.


To top it off, they gave Tim an extra dessert because it was his birthday.


Closing thoughts

We will without a doubt come back for seconds. I had misjudged this place before trying it, and somehow it is now in my Top 5 Disney restaurants. 

Oh wait, what is that calling our name? Rose & Crown!


I’m just gonna pretend that this telephone booth is a time machine…

45506203_2327252630682538_2609337256753758208_n (1).jpg

What are your thoughts on Rose & Crown? Does it make your top 5?

  1. Eaten many a time there. I’ve had exactly what you did. By far, best fish and chips anywhere. The dessert is addicting. A must do for me and my family. Top 5? Top 3 for me.

    1. We almost got the shepards pie last time! We will definitely get it next time:)

  2. The scotch eggs and desserts look most interesting to me. Overall the place seems like a nice spot to visit.

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