Stranger Things Farm

This fall I have decided to be intentional about making memories with my husband and going on more adventures. It can be easy to get caught up in tedious tasks and forget to live in each season, each moment. A couple weeks ago I shared my Fall Bucket List with all of you. Yesterday, I decided it was time to take action and crossed quite a few things off my list. I began to search for fun fall festivals in our area, and I came across Sleepy Hollow Farm. It offered a ton of things on my bucket list, but it offered one thing extra….They shot scenes from Stranger Things at this Farm!44909856_2306055372802264_8067767676631515136_n.jpgAs a background actor, I have many friends who have worked on this production, but I haven’t had the chance to work on it. I was so excited to find out that we could check out this filming location. So, let’s get to the fun!

Corn Maze

I have only been to one corn maze in my life, and it was a haunted one. I am shocked that I was ever talked into going to a maze filled with clowns with chainsaws. This was definitely a nice change of pace, even though it was still pretty challenging!44982917_2305589562848845_4632773118144806912_nPumpkin Patch

Honesty moment: The pumpkin patch was a little pathetic. 44876136_2306056049468863_6831965324825329664_n.jpgIn all fairness, we did wait until the week of Halloween to go. The field was completely empty, but they did have a few left near the gift shop.44940538_2306055626135572_4309392789772173312_n.jpg Games

This place would be perfect if you have a child! They had a ton of cute games for kids. We had a good time watching all of the fun(we even did a few of the little games ourselves).43582829_2306056032802198_5110238288774430720_n.jpg44871787_2306055636135571_192859205709856768_n.jpg44869185_2305589649515503_1564467950969159680_n.jpgFood44942037_2306055646135570_4252107314842042368_n.jpgSweet potato tots and friend pickles? Sign me up! 44893940_2305589556182179_8581331166915723264_n.jpgPetting Zoo

We got to hit yet another thing on my fall bucket list. Towards the front of the farm, they had adorable goats, bunnies, sheep, pigs, and ponies. Anyone who knows me, knows that I turn into mush around cute animals. Goats always crack me up because they can actually be pretty feisty. I always remember to be wary of the horns and hide my fingers. What they lack in kindness, they definitely makeup in being adorable.44942037_2305589559515512_4434858658618146816_n.jpgApple Cider

We bought some delicious cider at their gift shop. It was the perfect thing to sip on as we decorated our pumpkin.45011793_2306055389468929_6558395123753811968_n.jpgDecorating A Pumpkin

Timothy and I haven’t decorated a pumpkin since we were kids. We grabbed some paint from hobby lobby and channeled our inner artists. Being a huge Harry Potter nerd, I knew that was the direction I wanted to go. I think they turned out pretty well!44888634_2305589652848836_6360871364517167104_n.jpgAt the end of the day, I got to cross off five things from my bucket list. It makes me feel good to know that I am making steps to cherish every moment. The little things we do in life can make all of the difference.44953631_2305512992856502_4109175798278127616_n.jpg

What have you done this week to sow into yourself?

  1. Ah…looks like a fun trip. I love that show too – Stranger Things! For fun this week, I dusted off my sewing machine and made a puppy bed. Thank you for stopping by my blog, too, by the way, your ‘like’ of my post meant a lot to me! Enjoy your bucket list adventures!

    1. It is a great show!
      That sounds like a great way to spend your week:) I used to sew as a kid, and I have always thought it would be fun to get back into it. And of course! You are so welcome!:)

    1. I love Snape! My favorites are Harry and Neville:) I love how ordinary they both are. It shows me that you don’t need to perfect to make a difference and be brave:)

    1. It was the best!:D
      And during winter it is a Christmas tree farm. I can’t wait to go back:)

  2. You’re truly finding magic in the every day. I like that you ticking items off your bucket list instead of waiting for one day which may never come. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How fun! And we are slowly getting into all things Harry Potter. My daughter had a school field trip early this year to Universal Studios and came back even more curious on the films. We’re all smitten now! 😊

  4. Fun! I love this time of the year. So many fun outdoor activities. And the pumpkin patch where stranger things was filmed. Lucky! Love that show. Have a very happy Halloween! 👁

    1. Happy Halloween! I love how much going on in the fall, so much to do, do little time!

    1. Awesome, Thank you so much! It was a complete blast. We love the show too:)

  5. I loved the stranger things connection. I must do a bucket list!!! Love the idea of simple doable things on the list!

    1. Thank you! It has helped me finally get things done that I have been putting off:)

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