Up: Carl & Ellie Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner!

I have opted out of dressing up for Halloween the past few years, but this year we bought tickets to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We decided to go all out and dress to the nines.

My husband and I have had a special connection with the movie Up. The theme of enduring love and seeking adventure has always resonated with us as a couple. In fact, our engagement photos were Up themed.



We went back and forth between a few ideas (Mary Poppins & Bert, Indiana Jones & Marion), but we ended up deciding to dress up as our favorite couple.


These costumes were surprisingly easy to put together, and the best part was how comfortable they were to wear throughout the party. So here is everything you will need to pull off this lovable couple!

Yellow Shirt & Brown Sweater Vest:

We were able to find these easily at our local Goodwill. Both items only cost us around $5.

Overalls & Shirt:

I found these overalls at TJ Maxx. I haven’t worn overalls since I was a kid, but I fell in love with this pair. I ended up just going with a shirt that I thought matched the outfit(not a replica of what Ellie wore).

Grape Soda Pin: 

We had a grape soda pin from Etsy engraved for us back when we did our engagement photos.  Luckily, we were able to track it down and use it for our costumes. At the last minute, we decided to get more pins to add to our look. We got these from the Pin Trader’s at Disney Springs.


Aviator Goggles & Hat:

This was the hardest thing for us to get. We found some at Party City, but we really didn’t like the quality or how they looked. We searched and searched through many stores. We ended up ordering aviator goggles online through Amazon for $9 each. We had to buy the hats separately at a local costume store. They were  little pricey at around $22 each. This was by far our biggest splurge and I think you could use Party City’s pair if you wanted to do this look on a budget.


Adventure Book:

This is another item that we had tucked away from our engagement shoot. We specially ordered our book from Etsy a few years ago. We saw a few Carl & Ellie’s at MNSSHP that didn’t have an adventure book. I don’t think it is a MUST to have it and people will still recognize you if you aren’t able to get one. But hey, if you are crafty you might be able to make one of your own.


We had a blast dressing up as our favorite Disney couple! We got a lot of compliments on our costumes while we were at the park, and that made all of the hard work feel worth it!

Do you have any plans for Halloween this year? What are you planning to dress up as?

  1. You guys are too doggone cute! I love it – the whole UP theme and all!

    I don’t know what we’ll be doing, aside from handing out candy. I’m seriously considering mermaid scales on the body, with whiskers and a wicked cat’s eye to be – a catfish….

    1. Thank you so much Liz! I love Up so much(obviously)!

      HAHAHA. Yes! Please do that! I love it!

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute are you?! I love the Up theme, very adorable, even though I can’t freakin’ watch that movie because it’s just way too sad. We attended MNSSHP over the Labour Day long weekend, and it was way, way too hot to even contemplate dressing up. All of the people we saw in really DONE costumes (this one guy dressed as Hades was quite possibly ON FIRE) were melting. But we’re going back on Halloween, and we’re dressing up – as the lead singer from twenty one pilots. Yeah, both of us going as two different versions of the same guy. It’s weird, I know!

  3. Girl!!!!! This is absolutely precious and I love! Up is my favorite Disney movie and I haven’t seen someone do this before. Which I can’t even process cause Ellie and Carl have such a beautiful relationship. Anyways I just had to leave a comment of how cute this is haha.

    1. Aww Thank you so much Milca! We obviously love Up too haha. Up and Coco are my two favorite Pixar films:) There is nothing like their love story!

    1. Thank you so much! You are so right, I might try to get some good pictures of us for a couples portrait:)

  4. Very cute idea and costumes. Love it! Especially, since it is so dear to both of you.
    Up brings up all the feels. )’=
    I have plans to dress up twice for Halloween one for a friend’s party and the other for a business related event. I will be dressing up as a Disney character for one and a circus entertainer for the other. I am keeping it a bit of a secret for my blog post coming soon. (;

    1. Oh fun! I can’t wait to see what Disney character it is:) and thank you so much, we had a blast!

  5. You know what I picked up first from your post? The fact that you are taller than your husband. This is the same for me, 1.72m versus 1.78m. I love your picture with the balloons where you step down to let him tower! Did you ever find it an issue?

  6. Cute outfits. I must compliment you on how together you look as a couple. I don’t mean the outfits. I mean in the general vibe you give off.

    1. Thank you Hunida! Our engagement photos are my favorite photos we have together, probably more than our wedding photos:)

  7. I love this, you both looked great! And you can never go wrong with a good thrift store! This year I found my 4 year old daughter a unicorn costume, brand new with tags and all from Target at Goodwill for $4 – amazing!
    So glad you all made it to Mickeys party. We been thinking of spending Christmas in Disney, how fun would that be?! We always go for the different decorations, Disney puts you in the holiday mood instantly with their decor. 😊

    1. Wow! $4? That is incredible:)
      I bet that would be a blast. I have heard that Christmas at Disney can be shoulder to shoulder crowds, but the decorations might just make it worth it:) We love all the christmas trees they put up

    2. Yes 🙌🏽 love a good Goodwill find!
      Oh no! Really?! We thought maybe taking the gifts to the resort for the kids to open there and just spending over there. The decorations are amazing! We’ve seen, I think it was a documentary on how they set up Magic Kingdom for Christmas, it’s done overnight, and it’s breathtaking! Incredible!

  8. Ugh this is seriously SO cute!! I love it. My brother and his girlfriend went as Carl and Kevan, so his GF got to dress all pretty and exotic in shades of blue, hehe. I love costumes so much!

    Miles of smiles,


    1. SO CUTE! We actually saw some couples dressed that way too, I want to do that one year:)

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