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 The last few weeks, I have been wanting to start featuring strong women who inspire my soul. When I read this post from Mariah, I knew that I had to share it. She is the perfect example of how to embrace ourselves NOW and give ourselves the self love that we so desperately need.

Feeling Confident And Positive With Acne


I have struggled with acne on and off for about 9 years. It’s been a source of shame, pain, and self-disqualification from beauty and opportunity. I’ve tried my hardest to cover it- spending thousands of dollars on make-up and products to ease the inflammation. It’s gone away for a year and then came back with a vengeance (I’m talking to you June 2018). I’ve done all I can to make sure no one sees ALL of it. But, all that changed when I got married. Daniel sees every outbreak, every painful blemish, and ALL the backne. He still tells me I’m beautiful and kisses me all over my face. He makes me stare at myself in the mirror and tells me what he sees. He fights so hard for me in the battle to believe I can be beautiful WITH acne. But, he can only take the belief so far. What I realized is that it is my responsibly as a woman and a wife to find the beauty… and hell, the sexiness of myself with no make up and an acne breakout.

We are in an amazing time in history where we are celebrating all types of bodies. We are declaring that all bodies are beautiful and worthy of love. However, skin conditions are less popular and maybe even have a different type of shame attached (lets be honest, this picture is not me at my worst- but this is as vulnerable as I was ready for heyyo). Skin conditions, like weight are associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, using bad products, poor diet, and not using good hygiene practices. Look, all those things can contribute to skin conditions like acne, but sometimes there are underlying issues like hormones, or digestive problems (me and me) that are causing the breakouts.. and they can take YEARS to resolve.

So, I have a choice. I can either hate my face and my skin and my body for not doing what I want. OR I can choose to love my skin and face and body. I can choose to see the beauty of my femininity instead of the imperfections of my skin. I can feed myself nourishing foods that promote healing. And I can give myself permission to believe in my worthiness NOW and beauty NOW. Perfect skin may never arrive for me but I don’t think that would have silenced the lie inside my heart that perfection equals worthiness. So thank-you acne for making me come face-to-face with an accusation that was meant to make me count my self out, but has instead helped me find increasing bravery within. Whether it be showing your friend your broken out face with no make-up on for the first time, posting a picture of you rocking your eczema, or maybe not wearing clothes that conceal your psoriasis. Whatever it is, whatever you are ready for just own your sexy skin.

    1. Thank you! This is my friend Mariah, and she is definitely gorgeous!

  1. This is such an inspirational story, I love how she choose to love herself regardless of any imperfection she might have perceived. Self love and discovery gives life a new meaning, So much to learn from this post

    1. Thank you so much! I was so touched when I read her words. Self love and acceptance is healing and so vital to our happiness.

  2. An inspirational post. I’m so glad you have come to accept yourself as you are. Your partner truly loves you for who you are. That in itself is a blessing.

    1. This was written by my dear friend, but yes! It is incredible that she has learned to accept every part of herself. Definitely something I am working on!:)

  3. Wow! She is truly an inspiration! We all have our insecurities – women and men alike, it’s either, our skin, hair, height, weight. But it’s what we do with the insecurity that makes all the difference. You can either accept them and learn to love yourself or you can let it destroy you through depression and anxiety – amongst other things. We’re all beautiful because we’re different. How boring would this world be if we all looked the same?! 😊🙏🏽

    1. She is! Exactly, the world would be so boring if we were all the same. I have struggled with acne issues as well, so I really related to her message of self acceptance 🙂

    2. Yes! She pointed out, hormones. I think that also has to do with acne. I’ve noticed maybe acne starts with puberty. Have you been able to clear your skin?

    3. I took accutane when I was 18 and was able to completely clear it. Unfortunately, it came back a couple years ago. I am currently working with a dermatologist to improve it. It has really helped!

    4. I’ve heard of accutane. So glad it worked for you and that there’s medication now available that people can try out. Also, people will point out things that you didn’t even see as a ‘problem.’ Perhaps you didn’t think something was a big deal, until others made it one. My son was born with a tiny skin tag by his ear, and it wasn’t until my nephew last year mentioned it to him – my son is 7. Thankfully, it’s something that can be removed so, we’ll be taking him this week to the dermatologist to have it removed. We both made the decision but I also made sure he knew that something on the outside doesn’t determine who he is on the inside.

    5. It is a pretty harsh treatment that is supposed to get rid of your acne forever. It worked for 2 years! I had not one pimple. I would try it again, but it is very dangerous to get pregnant on it. We aren’t trying, but I don’t think I would want to risk it:) I love that Chiari! You are such an incredible mother. Your kids are blessed to have you!

    6. Oh wow! I didn’t know it was that intense! No, definitely not, if it’ll be dangerous during a pregnancy. Haha! My husband says the best thing is trying! 😂 I on the other hand think it’s the morning sickness. My grandma says, have them while you’re young! I took it to heart. 😁
      Thank you so much – so sweet! 😊

  4. This article is the truth. People can be so judgemental at times and it’s a beautiful thing when someone loves you despite what you think is wrong with you.

    1. Thank you so much! This was written by my friend Mariah, she is very inspirational:)

  5. Our greatest strengths lie in our greatest weakness. So you can either choose to make lemonade with the lemons or remain miserable and bitter all your life. I’m glad she chose lemonade.

  6. My daughter, 25 now, has similar issues and experiences the same feelings as you do. It is heartbreaking to see this happening to beautiful young women who are in the prime of their young lives. I know you find it terrible to have the acne but you are a beautiful woman and this won’t be a permanent thing. Especially husbands can see through that. Believe I have been with mine for 32 years. Good luck and just don’t let it allow to take over😍

    1. This was written by my dear friend Mariah, and you are so right! I have also dealt with acne and having a wonderful husband has definitely helped me:)

  7. Accepting our imperfections can be hard. Beauty is in the eye of the holder. I admit, I don’t see beauty in my imperfections, but people around me are helping me accept and love it. This post is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. What a beautiful soul. What acne? I see her beautiful eyes and a beautiful soul staring back from their depths. Fantastic read! ❤️

  9. Yes yes yes!!! I struggle with acne too. I was devastated the morning of my wedding to find a particularly bad flair up… for 30 seconds and then decided that it was a day for love and that included self-love!!

  10. Love this post. I struggled with bad acne as well. My acne left horrible marks and I felt that I couldn’t go out the house without make up. I hated my skin. But one day I decided to embrace it. I stopped wearing make up every day and now I barely like to put any on. Once I began embracing my imperfections I became so much happier. This post is so relatable. I just love it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That is so wonderful! I have definitely been there too, and it is so freeing to finally leave the house without makeup. And go figure, no one cares about it as much as we think they do:) Thank you for reading beautiful!

  11. Mariah! You angel. You are so beautiful. As largely as we connect with our flesh suits, its just as much of a journey to love every part of ourselves within. Every struggle is an opportunity to grow and learn.

    1. Hey Chips! Isn’t she wonderful? She doesn’t have a blog, but you can read more of her thoughts on Instagram, @Mariahgrace10

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