What To Try At Disney’s Food and Wine Festival

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Last month, my husband and I were able to check out the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. We were determined to try one item from every booth. It was delicious! This is our favorite event that Disney holds. This week I decided to rank all of the items we were able to try at the festival!

39. New Zealand: Seared Venison Sausage with Kumara Purée and Wild Mushroom Marsala Sauce


38. Thailand: Singha Lager

37. Wine & Dine Studio: Rainstorm Silver Linings Pinot Noir Rosé, Oregon


36. Greece: Loaded Greek “Nachos”: Pita Chips, Meatless Sausage Crumbles and Vegan Tzatziki


35. Light Lab: Original Sin Dry Rosé Hard Cider


34. Joffrey’s: The American Adventure: Fire and Ice: Frozen Lemon with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky


33. Active Eats: Evolution by Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, OR

32. Craft Drafts: Florida Beer Company Passport Triple Chocolate Milk Stout

31. Chocolate Studio: Daou Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles

30. Refreshment Outpost: Spicy Hot Dog with Kimchi and Mustard Sauce

29. France: Cabernet Sauvignon, Village la Tourelle, Bordeaux

28. Germany: Schinkennudeln: Pasta Gratin with Ham, Onions and Cheese


27. Morocco: Kasbah Prestige Red Wine

26. Canada: Château Des Charmes Equuleus Red Blend, St. David’s Bench

25. Shimmering Sips Mimosa Bar: Tropical Mimosa with Sparkling Wine and Pomegranate, Orange and Grapefruit Juices


24. Cheese Studio: Braised Beef Stroganoff with Tiny Egg Noodles, Wild Mushroom and Boursin Garlic with Fine Herbs Cheese Sauce


23. India: Warm Indian Bread with Pickled Garlic, Mango Salsa and Coriander Pesto Dips


22. Belgium: Belgian Waffle with Warm Chocolate Ganache and Whipped Cream


21. Taste Track: Croissant Doughnut Tossed in Cinnamon Sugar


19 & 20. Fire And Drum & Block And Hans: Hanson Brother’s Beer Company Mmmhops Pale Ale; Full Sail Brewing Co. Blood Orange Wheat


18. Japan: Teriyaki Chicken Bun: Steamed bun filled with Chicken, Vegetables and a Sweet Teriyaki Sauce


17. Ireland: Roasted Irish Sausage with Colcannon Potatoes and Onion Gravy


16. Earth Eats: The IMPOSSIBLE™ Burger Slider with Wasabi Cream and Spicy Asian Slaw on a Sesame Seed Bun


15. China: Kung Fu Punch


14. Brewers collection

13. Hops & Barley: Freshly Baked Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Icing


12. Brazil: Moqueca: Brazilian Seafood Stew featuring Scallops, Shrimp and White Fish with Coconut-lime Sauce and Steamed Rice


11. Mexico: Mariachi Loco


10. Ireland: Guinness Foreign Extra Stout


9. Australia: Grilled Lamb Chop with Mint Pesto and Potato Crunchies


8. Africa: Spicy Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew with Vegan Yogurt and Quinoa


7. Refreshment Port: Traditional Poutine: French Fries, Beef Gravy, and Cheese Curds


6. Coastal Eats: Baked Shrimp Scampi Dip with Sourdough Baguette


5. Islands Of The Caribbean: Ropa Vieja Empanada with Tomato Aïoli


4. Flavors From Fire: Smoked Corned Beef with Warm Crispy Potatoes, Pickled Onions and Blonde Ale Beer Fondue featuring BelGioioso® Romano and American Grana Cheeses


3. Hawai’i: Kalua Pork Slider with Sweet and Sour DOLE® Pineapple Chutney and Spicy Mayonnaise


2. The Almond Orchard: Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Pulled Chicken, Toasted Blue Diamond Almonds and Parmesan Cheese served with Nut Thins® Crackers


  1. Italy: Fritto Misto: Crispy Shrimp, Zucchini and Sweet Potatoes with a Spicy Sauce


I can’t even begin to tell you how good everything in the top 10 was! This festival is the perfect way to try delicious foods from all over the word. My husband and I prefer to split every dish, so that we are able to try everything we had on our list. Let me know what you would like to try in the comments!

  1. Greek nachos, lamb, carrot cake, and the Indian bread – with the Original Sin cider. In other words, I’d be ALL over the place, lol.

  2. I’m excited to go down in a few weeks. Cool to see the empanada on this list, looking forward to trying it this year, it’s honestly never wowed me, but if you loved it, they must’ve changed up the recipe! Also surprised not to see the spinach and cheese pocket from Africa on here. Hoping it’s still there — it was to die for last year!

    1. We had the Empanada last year and didn’t really care for it. This year it was great! I am not sure if they changed the recipe, or if we just got a fresh batch:)
      I didn’t get the chance to try that one! It sounds great!

    2. Good to hear that we weren’t the only ones who weren’t too fond of the empanada last year, but now I can’t wait to try it in 3 weeks!!

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