August Book Round Up

1. Adnan’s Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial

I listened to a couple episodes of the podcast Serial last year. Like the rest of the world, I was intrigued by the case. Adnan was convicted of murdering Hae Min Lee in 1999. Serial brought this case back to light and investigated the murder once more. A few chapters into this book, I was convinced he was wrongly convicted. He had to be innocent. That is, until I did my own research on the trial. The book is very biased and one sided. While there are question marks in the case, it is still likely that Adnan committed this murder. He was granted his appeal and I am curious to see how it plays out. Overall, it was a very an intruiging book, but I will say to do your own research as well.

2.Charlotte’s Web

This was one of my favorite films growing up! The film is almost word for word from the book. It is a sweet children’s story and I am glad I finally got around to reading this

3. Judgement Detox: Release the Beliefs That Hold You Back from Living a Better Life

This book made me realize how every single one of us makes numerous judgements a day without realizing it. I appreciate the author and her positive outlook. I didn’t do her full program step by step(meditation, letter writing etc) and I think maybe I would have enjoyed if more if I strictly did her protocol. Overall, it was a good self-help read but not especially memorable. I would recommend many self improvement books over this one.

4. The Alchemist

I personally didn’t like this book very much. I know that it is beloved by many, but it felt pretentious and annoying at times. Something about it didn’t click with me, but I know that not everyone feels the same way. Perhaps I’ll give it another try next year.

5.Anne of Green Gables

This is a book I have been meaning to read for such a long time. My cousin Rebekah has been in love with this series since I was little. In fact, she listens to the audiobook on repeat. Now I can see why! I instantly fell in love with little Anne. She is feisty, speaks her mind, and is the best kind of dreamer. I was under the impression that this entire book was based on her tween years, so I was surprised to see her grow up so fast with every passing chapter. It was refreshing to read and I will be checking out the second book soon.

6. Who Moved My Cheese?

I read this little book in 1 1/2 before bed. The book tells a little parable about mice and humans trying to find cheese in a maze. Long story short: If you want to succeed in business and in life, you have to be willing to change and adapt. You have to be willing to go out and “find the cheese”. I found it to be pretty corny, but I can’t fault it for that because I think it was supposed to be to an extent.

7. The Magnolia Story

Confession time: I have never seen Fixer Upper. I know, to die hard fans this is practically a sin. I have heard wonderful things about this couple but have never found the time to watch the show. Although after seeing this book around so much, I decided it was time to take the plunge. I was not disappointed. Joanna has a similar personality type to mine and I found it easy to relate to her. Chip is obviously hilarious and I love his personality. It was fun to read how they got to where they are today. If you are a fan of the show, it is a must read.

8. Where Am I Now?

I hated this book…there I said it. This book is written by Mara Wilson, the child actor from Matilda. Matilda holds so many precious memories to me and it always will. The first part of the book was fairly interesting because she spoke about her life as a child in Hollywood. A few chapters in it took a weird turn. She shared random stories about her high school choir, one night stands, a boy she liked in high school etc. I normally wouldn’t mind these kinds of stories but they were honestly not very interesting and were too drawn out. Mara is also a bit of a negative person, so it was hard to read it and stay in a good mood.

9. Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business

I truly enjoyed the author’s first book, The Power of Habit. This one? Not so much. While it did have some interesting stories, the points all seemed scattered. The book didn’t seem to flow as well or have a specific goal in mind. If you only get to read one of his books, I would go with The Power of Habit.

10. Prince Caspian

Oh, Chronicles of Narnia. I will never not enjoy this series. It remind me of my childhood and always makes me feel more connected to God. Prince Caspian is not my favorite book in the series but it is great nonetheless.

Have you read any of these books? What were your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments what I should read next!

    1. I agree, it was fun to see a book in a unique setting. The message just kind of fell flat for me

  1. Nice collection you got there 🙂 Read three of them from the roundup and was thinking of seeking Smarter, Fastet, Better – need me to become more productive asap 🙂

  2. I love Charlotte’s Web too, it was one of my favourites as a child, and it still hasn’t grown old! I’ve read the Alchemist, and actually enjoyed it!

  3. This is definitely a good selection of books. I also love Charlotte Web. It was sad when Charlotte died😥. I will buy this book for my kids. I think they will love it when they grow older.

  4. Get list! I read Charlottes Webb as a kid and read it a few years ago again with my daughter when it was assigned for her to read at school. A classic! I have the Magnolia book because I just love Joanna and Chip, but unfortunately haven’t had the time to finish reading it. He first couple of chapters however, are great!

  5. I am a bit disappointed about your experience reading the “Where Am I?” book, I loved the movie Matilda and I thought she was a great actress that I was sure had a great life ahead of her. But, it is also hard to find child stars that turn out decent in adulthood. (Or at least all of my favorites went sideways in adulthood, with the exception of Hillary Duff.)

  6. I really want to read the Magnolia Story! I am for sure one of those die hard fixer-upper fans!!

  7. I am more of a Historical Fiction Reader but some of these took me back to my childhood reading! If you love the Anne of Green Gables find the movies done by PBS many years ago, they are amazing and 10 times better than what Netflix has out.

    As far as Adnan, I listened to all of Serial and then went on to listen to the Unconcluded Podcast that has the author of this book on it. She is connected to the family and yes, her take is very biased. I also did my own research and I think he is guilty.

    Great book reviews!

  8. Thanks for the recommendations! I read Charlotte’s Web years ago, as well as Anne of Green Gables. I’ll have to check out the rest!

  9. The entire Anne series – until the very last one – are all delightful. My Aunt got me the first three for my 10th birthday, and I still have them. Hard to go wrong with L.M.! When my grandson gets older, and into chapter books, we’ll do Charlotte’s Web. (Tee hee. I remember asking from the back of the car what “man-yer” was. as I was not a farm kid. 7? 8?) Still a great story!

  10. Great list, Jubilee! I have to say, I quite enjoyed The Alchemist- but like you said, it’s a polarising book. I’m definitely looking to give Anne of Green Gables a try, I’ve heard so many good reviews of it!

  11. What a great collection of books. We read Who Moved My Cheese in College and Anna of Green Gables back in elementary school I think!

  12. Good selection of books here!! Loving your picks. I’m really into self-help ones at the minute over novels. Gonna see if my local book store has any of these and keep them in mind when I need a new read 🙂

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