How I Got My Dream Smile


I can’t believe how much my smile has changed in the last month. When I look in the mirror, my new favorite trait is my white smile. So, how did I finally get my dream smile? A couple of months ago, I was given the opportunity to try out a teeth whitening system by Smile Brilliant. I could not have been more excited to give it a go. If you know me, you know that I love black coffee and red wine. Do you know what doesn’t love it? My teeth. I have noticed the past few years, that my teeth were beginning to look less white as the months went by.

Looking For A Miracle

Obviously, I wanted a fix. I have tried whitening toothpaste to no avail, and I have even bought Crest Whitening strips on occasion. It would provide a noticeable improvement, but the process drove me nuts. The strips would constantly slip off of my teeth, so I was unable to talk during the whitening. If that wasn’t enough, the results were always temporary. Enter Smile Brilliant! When I looked in the system, I was intrigued immediately by their custom-fitted trays. With excitement, I realized, “They won’t fall off!” I decided to give it a go.


Getting You Custom Fitted Trays

My box arrived with everything I needed. You receive 3 containers of the base and 3 containers of the catalyst. You follow the instructions by mixing them together and make your teeth impressions. I was a little scared that I would somehow mess this up, so I enlisted the help of my husband. Turns out, I could have done it alone. It really was that easy. But what if you do mess up? Smile Brilliant has your back. There is an extra mixture just in case you need to redo one.


The At-Home Teeth Whitening Process

My trays arrived back to me a couple weeks later and I was surprised at how well they fit my teeth. There would definitely be no slipping with these bad boys. You are given two gels:

  • Teeth Whitening Gel
  • Desensitizing Gel

You will start with the whitener and finish with the desensitizer.

What I liked the most about this system is that I can actually function while my teeth are whitening. I can do the dishes, blog, and hang out with my husband. I often forgot that I was still wearing them because they fit perfectly to my teeth.

The first few times I did experience some sensitivity, but the desensitizing gel has been a lifesaver. I love that Smile Brilliant thought ahead and provided this solution to sensitive teeth. It didn’t fully take away the sensitivity, but it did help make it extremely bearable (unlike other things I have tried).


My Smile Results


I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was not expecting my teeth to become so white, so fast.  My husband couldn’t stop commenting on the difference and I feel so confident when I look in the mirror now. It doesn’t seem to matter if I indulge in my morning coffee,  my teeth stay pearly white. Considering I don’t plan on giving up coffee anytime soon, this is a huge win.

I have teamed up with Smile Brilliant so that you can get your dream smile. Enter my giveaway for a chance to get $149 in Smile Brilliant credit. All you have to do is enter your name and email address. Click here to enter to win. You can also use my code “magicintheeveryday15” to get a 15% off coupon!

Note: I was sent a free tooth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant in exchange for trying it out and writing about my experience. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

  1. It’s so nice having a white smile! I’ve used Crest White Strips in the past but you’re right–it’s an annoying process. I’ve heard tons of great things about Smile Brilliant, a smile really is the best accessory!

    Miles of smiles,

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