House Fire

Hello friends!

On Saturday night my family suffered a horrible blow. My mom contacted me to tell me that our house had a catastrophic fire. Immediately my heart dropped. I responded that I was praying, but I laid in our bed sobbing at the news.

I have heard plenty of stories of people enduring fires, but I never expected this to impact our family. I originally assumed that this fire was bad, but not bad enough to cause devastating damage. With great difficulty, I fell asleep next to my husband. I awoke to surprising pictures of our home. Many walls had been burned down. Three bedrooms were completely gone. The entire second story was black with ash. I have tried to disconnect and be unemotional, but memories keep flashing before my eyes.


I remember when I had nearly every birthday in our living room. I remember when my sister Jocelyn and I swore we would never fight ever again at 9 years old. I remember sleeping in the upstairs hallway as we pretended we were camping. I remember watching old “scary” movies in my parents room because I had been too young to watch them when they came out. I remember living in every bedroom because change always seemed exciting.

We are so fortunate that our entire family is safe. My mother received a call that the house was on fire when everyone was out and about. I am so thankful that our dog Emmy recently went to live with my sister in Pennsylvania. If Emmy had been in the home, I don’t think she would still be alive.


In the midst of all this destruction, my family is overcome with gratitude. I am grateful that we were out of harm’s way. I am grateful that all of our childhood photos were spared. I am grateful that all possessions can be replaced. I am grateful that everyone in my family is aware that it could have been much worse.

My two sisters lost everything they own, but we know the truth. The truth is that lives matter more than possessions. The truth is that we know God will work this together for our good. The truth is I am overwhelmed with the reality that my family is safe and sound.

I don’t know exactly what the future looks like. I hope to visit Texas soon, so that I can help do whatever my family needs. I can’t wait to hug them tight.

Today I am grateful. In the midst of tragedy, God comforts our souls. Thank you Jesus for protecting us in times like these.

  1. Oh Jubilee. I’m so very sorry.
    How truly terrible for all of you. I will pray.
    And I can tell by what you’ve written that you will come through this with gifts and an even closer relationship with Father God. He will indeed turn this into something (somehow) good for you and your family.
    He is with you all, may you know His precious presence with you to comfort you and give great Grace. With love and hugs and prayers…

  2. Oh, I am so very sorry. But so thankful that no one was hurt. My heart ached for you just looking at the picture. I’ll go ahead and say what you already know: even though the physical presence of your home has been ravaged, what you hold in your heart will ALWAYS be there. The memories you have of your family and your family home can’t be damaged–not even by something as devastating as a fire. <3

  3. I am so sorry you must go through this, but through this you will go – with God’s comfort. A house is just a house, it’s the memories created within those walls that matter.

  4. You’re right, we hear about this all the time and never do we think it could possibly hit home. God is doing something amazing with you and your family and He will continue to be with you and bless you. In the midst of chaos, He is working to reveal His plan to you. Courage, God is with you all. I’m so happy everyone is safe. 🙏🏽

  5. I’m so happy your whole family was safe!!! Dog included! I’m sorry for your families loss, but I’m so happy you know God is in control and has a plan. I’ll be praying for you all and that your memories will always be stored in your hearts and your loved ones!

  6. Scary business.
    You family is so lucky that no family members were injured. Puppies are family.
    I heard this somewhere recently. “Every night a million people die. I am grateful I am alive. Every night a million people die. I am grateful that the people I love are still alive.”
    Talk about everyday magic. Your family just experienced a lot of it.
    My love and prayers will be with you and family as they rebuild.

  7. Oh my gosh, Jubilee. I am so sorry! You are so right that lives are more important than possessions – and I am so glad to hear everyone is okay!! <3

  8. We had something similar with my parents house a few years back. It was not as bad mainly the garage but the smoke damage is what was the main concern. It is hard to get through but with time it all will get better. Good luck!

  9. Oh my, this is horrible.
    So glad your family are safe and well, as you say possessions can be replaced. My thoughts are with you all x

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