Toy Story Land

What we have all been waiting for is finally here, TOY STORY LAND! I was so excited when they announced this exciting addition to Hollywood Studios. I think it is safe to say that for the last few years Hollywood Studios had been deemed a “half-day” park. There wasn’t really much to do there and you could easily do almost everything in half a day. Then finally, Disney gave us a reason to get excited about Hollywood Studios again. Of course, I had seen some preview pictures released by Disney, but nothing can prepare you for how incredible this land looks in person. As I walked through the park, I was instantly hit with nostalgia. The Imagineers wanted to create the illusion that we are the toys, so naturally, everything is HUGE. Huge blocks, huge monkeys, and huge childhood games.38030632_2135288539878949_2083855940892753920_n I can confidently say that Toy Story Land’s theming is on point. Everywhere you look there are new things to discover. Even the bathrooms were epic!38200050_2135288576545612_608631324365815808_nAs much as I loved looking around, there was one clear downside: no shade. It gets extremely hot in this section of the park and there are no large trees to help with the heat.Before we hit the new rides, we decided to stop at Woody’s Lunch Box for a snack. One thing that has confused me is the name of this quick service spot. The idea is that we are in Andy’s backyard, but somehow this massive lunchbox belongs to Woody? Not to mention that this child’s lunchbox serves alcohol, but hey, I’m not complaining. I decided to try their new “Totchos” and was not disappointed!37969434_2135288243212312_4081234660900732928_nToy Story Mania remains as wonderful as ever, though it has switched it’s entrance to the opposite side to face the new land. We had a ton of fun checking out the new line queue which was decorated with a ton of childhood throwbacks.38218368_2135288239878979_2935461523767689216_nToy Story Land introduced two new rides, Alien Saucer Swirl and Slinky Dog Dash. Alien Saucer Swirl is a kiddie ride through and through. I have heard it is almost an exact replica of Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree in California Adventures. It spins you around and around, a similar concept to the tea cups. I was surprised by how jerky it was, and I personally wouldn’t wait in line to ride it again. Now for the main event: Slinky Dog Dash!38017744_2135288563212280_7302573734785712128_nThis was easily the most anticipated attraction in Toy Story Land, and for good reason. I was worried that this coaster would be too tame and was geared solely towards kiddos. Boy, was I wrong! This ride actually has more kick to it than Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. As you take off on the track, there is so much to look at. The Imagineers get an A+ for the theming on this ride. As you can see by my husbands face, it is clearly not too tame for adults.38006939_2135288346545635_2683371686799081472_nOne of my favorite parts? Wheezy ends the coaster by singing us, “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”.38085989_2135288473212289_1627913706081878016_nWe finished our day by getting a snap in front of the gorgeous picture spot by the entrance. 38010011_2135288209878982_3930602255090188288_nOverall I love Toy Story Land! The snacks were delicious and Slinky Dog Dash is a clear winner. We can’t wait to go back and ride it again. Have you been to Toy Story Land yet? What was your favorite part and what did you wish they had done differently?

  1. Everything looks so amazing and so fun! I can’t wait until I get to go one day and see everything with my own eyes!!

  2. This looks awesome. I sure this is the first time I’ve ever wanted to see a public bathroom, Lol. It does look pretty epic.

  3. Can’t wait to experience this later this year!!! Thank you for sharing! 💜 I have a blog tea party on the 3rd and I’m encouraging my blog readers to drop their link off on my posts. Would you care to share your world with us?

  4. Our first visit is this Friday. I can’t wait! Luckily we have fastpasses for Slinky Dog Dash that day. Thanks for the heads up about the lack of shade–we’ll make sure to have plenty of sunscreen.

  5. Oh my, it looks magical! I love how detailed everything is, all the way down to the restrooms. The totchos look fantastic too!

  6. Loved the Toy Story Land also! We visited in mid-August, during the day time. Eek! Absolutely no shade! None! The feeling of melting is an understatement. However the section is amazing and the food was delicious!

    1. I completely agree! There was no shade. The was the worst part in my opinion. But the rest of it was amazing:)

    2. Yes! Ugh! That’s the only down fall to that part of the park. Even taking pictures with the giant Woody in the front of the park, you’re waiting in line under the pounding sun! At one point we noticed cast members giving away bottled water even to the people waiting in line for the Slinky ride. They know it’s too hot, I don’t know why something hasn’t been done. How do we contact Disney to install more shade?! 🤔😊

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