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I was recently gifted a 23andMe kit for my birthday, and I couldn’t have been more excited! For years, I have seen friends post about their shocking results and I have always wondered if there were any surprises waiting for me. Spoiler alert: I got some big surprises. Before we get to the results, let me explain a bit about the process.

The Process:My box was sent to me in the mail and included the simple instructions. All I had to do was get a sample of my saliva and put it in the small tube provided. It was well explained and only look a few minutes.37629136_2118258831581920_6818176839127662592_nThe Results: 23andMe advertises that you will get your results by 6 weeks, luckily for me, I got my answers within 10 days! You can even track the progress of your sample through your profile.Quick note: I was raised in a very Mexican family and my maiden name is Hernandez. I figured that I would be around 40% Mexican. What else would I be? Now for the results!37666698_2118245721583231_5478501094109741056_nI was shocked to find out that I was only 16% Mexican! Not only that, I was connected to the U.K. and Spain more than Mexico.Another cool feature is that you are able to see your Ancestry Timeline. With this, you are able to see how many generations ago your most recent ancestor is for each population.37573118_2117570111650792_7356713854841126912_n

After having so much fun with my kit, I decided to buy my husband a kit for his birthday. Timothy is adopted, so we have never known what his ancestry is. What a surprise we got! Here are his results:37638964_2118245724916564_1256516416434077696_n

My mouth fell to the floor when I found out that he is 9% Mexican. I never would have guessed! It was also very fun to see how much we had in common when it came to ancestry.

We opted for the “Health and Ancestry” kit, so we were able to see which health conditions we might have a higher risk for. In addition, 23andMe allows you to connect with distance relatives who have also completed the ancestry kit.

How I Feel About The Experience: This really is one of the best presents I have ever received. I can not speak highly enough of this process. I haven’t tried other ancestry companies, so I can’t confidently say this one is better, but if you are looking to see where you are from, 23andMe is definitely a solid choice. Have you done an ancestry test before? Did any of your results surprise you?

  1. This is definitely something I have been wanting to do too! We’re there any surprises on the medical side (probably what I am most curious about given how ridiculously complicated my daughter is medically)

  2. I had surprising results as well. We have a well-documented family history that includes Native Americans, but none showed up in my DNA. I’d like other family members to try now to see if it shows up in theirs. I was all Irish/British/German.

  3. I always love reading these posts — it’s interesting to see everyone’s ancestry and –although it’s not something I’d do myself– I think it’s great people are getting more in touch with their culture.

    Great post! x


  4. I don’t really care to know my ancestry, it kinda gives me the creeps😭😭 but very interesting post!

  5. Awesome you got your results so quickly! Other bloggers have been doing these kits (maybe by a diff company though) & it has taken months to get their results. So interesting to learn about our ancestry!

  6. I’ve always wanted to try this! I love seeing the mix of cultures that you actually come from! I’ve also been toying with the idea of looking at the health conditions too – so crazy what we can do nowadays!

  7. I once was listening to a podcast about the celts and the persons point was that you were a celt of you decided you were a celt. It was more of an identity that a fast hard ethnic marker. I think so many ethnic group things fall into the same category. They are less about, genetics and about that shared identity. My largest group was from Great Britain, But the story is really in the smaller ones.

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