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How much unnecessary stuff do we have in our homes? If you are as in denial as I was, you might pretend that you only have what you absolutely need. I try to read the most popular books of each year, but I avoided “The Life Changing-Magic of Tidying Up” like the plague. It didn’t apply to me. I only had what I needed, I was sure of it. Eventually my stubborness was overcome and I quickly finished this surprisingly good book. In fact, it was the kind of book that made me want to go through every place in my house and take her advice to heart. The Author, Marie Kondo, was adamant that we often have way more in our homes than we think. She outlines a simple plan of attack to get rid of your clutter once and for all. After reading the book I announced to my husband that it was time for some much needed spring cleaning and he reluctantly agreed. She advised to tackle your clutter in this order:

  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Books
  • Papers
  • Kitchen Items
  • Mementos/ Journals

As you pick up each item she suggested that you ask, “Does this spark joy in me?” If it doesn’t, throw it out. I will be honest that we almost skipped the clothes category. “We don’t need to get rid of any clothes, we don’t have that much.” Thank God we didn’t entertain our initial response. As with every category, she says to bring every item out of their spots and put them on the floor so that you can see each object. As we went through our clothes we found ourselves saying these things repeatedly:

  1. I haven’t worn that in over a year
  2. I don’t like how this fits me
  3. I bought this, but I can never figure out what to wear it with

These sneaky clothes kept their space in our crowded closet for far too long, and it was freeing to get rid of them. I even went the extra mile and separated our clothes by clothing type and then by color. It may seem silly, but it has made our closet become cleaner and more welcoming. As I went next to my accessories I threw away numerous pieces of broken jewelry that I had convinced myself I would fix “someday”. Out they went. Next, we tackled books. Now, If you know anything about me, you know that we have a TON of books. We honestly asked ourselves if we ever intended on reading them again and if they brought us joy. We kept the perfect amount to fit on our new organized bookshelf. The rest we donated or gave away around our city. Papers were our most tedious task. We had at least 4 places where we put random papers in our house. Our house has always been tidy, but not if you investigate some of our drawers and cabinets. Within an hour, we were able to get rid of so many unneeded magazines, old bills, and miscellaneous papers.Lastly, we went to our mementos. I’m pretty sure I got rid of nothing. While I agree with the author on a lot of things, to me it is absolutely worth it to keep a storage bin containing all the special things that hold memories for us. At the end of our little experiment, we had gotten rid of almost 8 bags of stuff! Us! Who were convinced that we didn’t have anything in our one bedroom apartment we needed to part with. Boy, were we wrong. Our home feels so much more relaxing, and we even transformed one of our now clean closets into a reading nook. I don’t think it’s necessary to read the book to go through her process. You can find a simple template of it on Pinterest. Try it out and let me know if it makes a difference for you!

  1. Thanks, Jubilee! You’re just the kick in the butt I need this morning! I’ve been decluttering rather half-heartedly but now I’m ready to add more bags to my donation pile! I’m inspired!
    Rock on, girl!

  2. I love this! I’m in the process of getting my office cleaned out. As retired military folks, we’ve moved quite a bit over the years, and with each move we purged a lot, but I still have way too much stuff in my office. You’ve renewed my determination to get it done. Thanks!

  3. Declutter-ing is such a good feeling! I love your tips and to help with the closet clear-out I once heard someone say that once you wear and wash an item, hang it up and flip the hanger the opposite way, that way at the end of the season you can see the things you never wore!

  4. I love going through stuff and getting rid of stuff that I don’t want/need. It’s feels so freeing! I’m trying to convince my parents to do the same! 😁

  5. As I was reading through your post, my brain changed “momentos” to “Mentos.” Like the candy. “The Freshmaker.” I thought, “Wait! Who has so many Mentos that they need to be SORTED?!” Turns out, no one. Whew! I was worried there for a minute.

  6. This is such a great idea! I think asking yourself “Does this spark joy in me?” would help to get rid of so much more. I’ll definitely be trying this out.

  7. You are absolutely right. An uncluttered home can foster an uncluttered mind. I am also a huge fan of Marie Kondo. Thanks for posting this.

  8. The paper thing is what makes me cringe the most – I am forever chucking different papers/bills/letters into different drawers! 😂 I’m moving house so am doing the declutter thing by accident lol & am going to tackle those drawers today, SO not looking forward to it! 😂

  9. Loved reading this. I have recently decluttered my house using the KonMari method and I feel so much happier and calmer. I was like you and didn’t think I had that much stuff. I filled about 3 car fulls of things..if not more! I really love this book 🙂

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