San Angel Inn Review

I will start by saying, I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD! I was so excited to come and try out this restaurant. We were able to snag a last minute reservation at San Angel Inn and were looking forward to trying it for the first time.

We arrived to our reservation 15 minutes early and had the chance to finally ride The Gran Fiesta Tour. Despite how many times we have visited, we had yet to try this little ride. We thought it was a cute attraction and it was fun to look at the fireworks on the ceiling! 

We were seated 5 minutes after our reservation but had to wait a pretty substantial amount of time to get our water and see our waiter. We started off with some chips and salsa, which were absolutely delicious! We were given two different salsas and I really enjoyed them both. I especially liked the one on the left! Shortly after, we ordered the Queso Fundido. This was the highlight of our visit. In fact, it was so delicious that I forgot to take a picture before I ate it all!

36495203_2073704686037335_8244753237266137088_nBefore our entrees came out, we got to appreciate the ambience of the restaurant. I had a love/hate relationship with the lighting of San Angel Inn. While it felt romantic and relaxing, when our food came out I could barely see what I was eating. I enjoy dim lighting, but it felt too dark to be able to eat comfortably. I even had to lighten this picture up quite a bit for you to be able to see the dining room clearly.

36413498_2073698049371332_7750720702738595840_nI ordered the Carne Asada Tampiquena. Here is where things took a turn for the worst. Unfortunately, my steak was extremely chewy and I could not stand the taste of the Cheese Mole Enchilada. Although, I completely understand that plenty of people probably enjoy those flavors, it just wasn’t for me. My husband ordered the Chile Relleno, and when I asked him how it was he said it was, “fine.”

36413981_2073697952704675_7883429952324894720_nFine,” is how I would describe our experience at San Angel Inn. It wasn’t a waste of money and we loved eating in front of the scenic pyramid, but it really didn’t stand out when it came to the food. If you are visiting Disney soon, I think there are much better restaurants to try before this one, but should you try it at some point to knock it off of your bucket list? Definitely.

What did you think of San Angel Inn? Does it make it on your top 5 Disney restaurants?


  1. Our experience was the same- we went for the atmosphere and loved it, but the food was “fine”. Apparently the food outside the Mexico pavilion is a lot better. It’s on our bucket list for next time!

  2. I love Mexican food as well. We have tried San Angel twice with many years in between and I’m sad to say the experience was mediocre at best. The restaurant has so much potential with the location and ambiance but the food is really substandard. I wouldn’t even say fine. I was very disappointed on both occasions. (BTW, Disney does not run San Angel. Another company does but the name escapes me right now.)

  3. This here will help me not make a trip to San Angel Inn! Thank you! Such a disappointment that your trip there didn’t go so well – at all. We have yet to go to Epcot but if we do, we would have chosen something like this. But not anymore! Thank you! Love me some honest reviews! 😊🙏🏽

  4. The restaurant across the way, the one that looks out onto the lagoon, La Hacienda de San Angel, is where you want to go. Similar food choices, but infinitely better quality, and if you time your reservations right, you can watch Illuminations from inside. The Inn looks super cool, but I think maybe only if you get a table right down by the water. Sorry your meal was a bit of a stinker. 🙁

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