What Brought You Happiness As A Child?

It’s week 11 of 52 List Happiness!

List All The Things That Made You Feel Happy As A Child

  • Going outside
  • Playing board games
  • Being with my family
  • Going to work with my dad
  • Going to six flags
  • Family vacations
  • Making silly videos with my cousins
  • Putting on plays with my sister
  • Singing at mt Grandma’s church
  • Candy!
  • Making a trip to Hollywood Videos

I particularly loved making this list! It was fun to reminisce and think about all the things that brought me joy as a kid. I also noticed that most of my bullet points didn’t include technology and included spending time with people I love.

What things brought you happiness as a kid? What can you do to recreate that feeling once more?

To me that would look like:

  • Being more intentional with my friends
  • Going for a walk in the park
  • Playing board games with my husband
  • Stepping away from my phone more often
  • Trying new and creative foods!

Let me know what your lists would look like in the comments!

  1. Awe I love this! What made me happiest as a child was following my mom around the house, she loved makeup and I loved watching her apply it in her bathroom. She’d sit me up on the counter and I’d watch in awe of her skills. She’d do the same in the kitchen, she’d sit me up on the counter and give me a spoon to taste what she was making. It’s surreal to know, I now do the same with my very own kids. If time would only stand still, but for a minute. 🙂

  2. What made me feel happy as a child was getting to play on playgrounds, eating candy, having sleepovers with friends, and having school be cancelled from snow/bad weather days.

  3. Playing with my dog, playing make believe, wrestling with my dad, gardening with my Oma, cooking with my mom, hanging with my older sisters who were teens and not always interested in hanging with me (LOL), exploring outside.

  4. Any time at the beach, or in the pool; books, reading, buying books, staying up late reading said books and having moments when I felt like I was special to my Grandmother. I loved living in the world of imagination.

  5. I’m totally in love with this whole “52 Weeks of Happiness” thing. Like every one of these posts makes me happy! As a kid, I was always happy playing sports, eating a “kids meal” (what we called a meal of Kraft mac n cheese and crispy chicken patties) with my mom and sister, and playing “Shannon’s School of Learning” with my younger brothers. It was such a fun way to spend time with them!

  6. I need to reflect on this more! What made me happy as a child was playing pretend! Thanks for the inspiration

  7. I loved being with my mom and family bbqs when all the family would gather! Oh and camping trips!! What sweet reflections.

  8. My happiest moments were spending time alone with either parent. We had 5 kids in our family so that was a rarity. I remember going out for ice cream with my dad and spending time watching him work on the basement. Each week my mom would take one of us children with her to the grocery store and we got to pick out the cereal for the week and a bag of candy. On my 16th birthday, we were on vacation at the beach. Mom took just me out for an early breakfast while everyone there slept to a restaurant overlooking the ocean. I felt so special.

  9. Oh I love board games! My husband is a game grinch though and wont play with me! I am particularly bad at games though….Terrible loser and a worse winner …they bring out the worst in me 😂😂😂

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