What Makes You Feel Lucky?

It’s week 10 of 52 List Happiness!

List All The Ways That You Feel Lucky:

  • Having a job that lets me pick my own hours
  • Being an annual passholder at Dinsey
  • To live in a city that has so much going on
  • Being married to an amazing man
  • Getting gifted a cruise by close friends
  • Having incredible In-Laws who are always there for me
  • All the supportive family I have in my life
  • The freedom to travel and explore
  • To have time to invest in self care

What things in your life make you feel lucky?

  1. The things that make me feel lucky is having great friends, having time to read books again, getting to go visit one of my bestfriends in a couple months, and getting to go on multiple cruises this year! 😁

  2. I absolutely love this idea for a blog post! I’m feeling particularly lucky to have family that is so supportive and to live on the beautiful central coast of California!

  3. I feel lucky because I am healthy, I have a loving supportive husband and family. I have 2 fantastic children and 2 beautiful healthy grandchildren. I feel lucky to be ALIVE!

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