What Things Do You Love to Do that Don’t Involve Technology?

Week 8 of 52 list happiness!

List All The Things You Like To Do That Don’t Involve Technology:

  • Read
  • Go for walks
  • Yoga
  • Sudoku
  • Cook
  • Workout
  • Play board games
  • Journal
  • Go to farmers markets
  • Clean
  • Talk with friends

What makes your list? How can you incorporate those things into your life even more?

  1. Read; play with animals, nap, create (the messier the project the better!) organize, listen, stretch, window shop, talk with those I love, watch water move.

  2. What a great topic to blog about! Your list is basically a twin of mine, I absolutely love to do all these things. Another thing on my list though is to draw or doodle <3 xx

  3. My list is the same as yours but I would replace Sudoku with crosswords lol! I love taking my children to our local parks and watching them play, they have the most amazing imaginations ❤️

  4. I love paper books and sudoku. Yard work, gardening and cooking are other passions.

  5. This post brings such good vibes! I love traveling and hiking mountains. But whenver I’m not traveling, I enjoy reading books and cooking. <3

  6. Just spending time with my kids and watch them play is not only entertaining for me but invigorating.

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