23 Things I’ve Learned In 23 Years

Before I head into my 24th year, here are some things I’ve learned so far!

  1. Don’t put pressure on yourself to know what you want to do with your life.
  2. Don’t suppress your feelings. It’s okay to feel discouraged, and it’s vital that you let yourself process those emotions.
  3. Some friendships are just for a season and that is perfectly okay.
  4. Reading can be the perfect escape to help you navigate through difficult times.
  5. Don’t be too proud to say you are sorry first, even if you believe the other party is more at fault.
  6. Take downtime when you need it. It’s better to get rested than be grouchy.
  7. Sow into your friendships. Your friends deserve to feel heard and loved by you.
  8. You may never get an apology from that person who hurt you. Forgive them anyway.
  9. Forgiveness does not equal trust.
  10. Treat your body with respect. Do not hurt it, starve it, or speak harshly about it.
  11. Chronic physical pain does not guarantee chronic emotional pain. You can be sick and live a joy filled life.
  12. Be kind to everyone, even if they are rude, you never know what someone is going through.
  13. It’s healthy to put up boundaries in your relationships.
  14. “We’ve all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”-J.K. Rowling
  15. Never try to convince a boy to date you.
  16. We are far more alike than we are different.
  17. “My philosophy is worrying means you suffer twice.”- Newt Scamander
  18. Nothing can replace your relationship with God.
  19. You don’t have to be great or talented at something to enjoy it. If it makes you happy, do it!
  20. Gratitude is the quickest way to find your way back to happiness.
  21. Don’t always trust first impressions. If you don’t like someone, there is a good chance you just haven’t gotten to know them well enough yet.
  22. Some days you will feel overwhelmed with hope and happiness. Other days you will feel discouraged and hurt. That is okay. It is all a part of being human.
  23. “Have courage and be kind.”

What are some of the most important lessons you have learned?

  1. These are wise words of wisdom. Let me just add my heart was overjoyed to see the Harry Potter reference in there. lol Number 11 hit the hardest with me. As I have cancer and some days pain is a bit unbearable I need to remember it has no control over my emotional standing. That I am allowed to still smile through it and enjoy being alive even if that day may not be the greatest tomorrow it will be a new.

    1. Harry potter had to make the list! haha And I am so sorry for everything you are going through. Sending you love and prayers Danielle! I have Chronic pain and #11 has been something that I remind myself of everyday

  2. I’ve learned to stop and enjoy the moment and soak it up. Sometimes you get caught up in achieving goals and pushing ahead. But once you reach those goals, take some time to enjoy it before forging ahead with your next big plan. Otherwise you get burned out and can’t enjoy your successes along the way.

  3. I’m stronger than I think, or than many people have told me. I am not the sum of other people’s opinions. It’s perfectly fine to sit quietly and just BE.

  4. So much truth and wisdom in this post. Point 21 is more important than anyone could imagine. Some folks whom I weren’t sure about when I first met them have become some of my very best friends. Some people are shy and aren’t talkative and may come off a little aloof. But, sometimes they are also the most sincere, dependable and warm-hearted. Great post!

  5. The hardest and most valuable lesson I’ve learned: I need to look for my part in what went wrong. This is particularly frustrating when I WANT to be right. But owning my part often provides a lot of clarity in situations that would be otherwise baffling. And it made me stop acting like a victim all the time. Totally worth the effort.

  6. They’re all great! I mostly agree with number 19. I tended to be the person who didn’t do anything unless I was good at it from fear of embarrassing myself.

  7. These are great and very wise lessons! I will definitely incorporate some in my own life. Thanks for sharing!

  8. While reading this I was smiling and was grateful I learned some of these lessons too. Getting rid of toxic people and saying no was a big one for me!

  9. People understand what they want to, so do not waste your time changing them
    You can always control what you think about other people, irrespective of what they give you
    Nice does not mean doormat
    When in doubt, get still
    It is only the top risers that are critiqued and killed, so when people go against you remember you are on the right path

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