What Is The Best Compliment You Have Ever Received?

Week 7 of 52 List Happiness!

List The Greatest Compliments And Encouragements You Have Ever Been Given:

  • Hearing from my parents that they are proud of me
  • Compliments on my hair mean a lot to me because I spent the majority of my childhood hating it
  • Being encouraged that I have what it takes to be a good mom
  • When others tell me that my vulnerability has helped them feel less alone
  • A sweet older man at Starbucks pulled me aside and said, “You radiate light. Never lose your sparkle.” It meant the world to me
  • When people tell me that they could tell that I loved God based on how I carry myself
  • Hearing close friends tell me that they think I should write a book and that they believe in my dreams
  • Being told that my name, Jubilee, is very fitting for my personality
  • Receiving encouraging messages from others when I post things that are close to my heart. “Thank you for being vulnerable, daring, greatly rumbling through your stories, and writing a better ending to yours! Thank you for becoming love. Thank you for challenging others to do the same.” Whenever I have hard days, I remember those kind messages and I am instantly encouraged.

What are some of the best compliments you’ve ever been given? Why did they mean so much to you?

  1. I think the best compliments I’ve gotten have been from my patients on my skills as a nurse, because it means a lot to know that I’ve really helped someone.

  2. A close friend complimented on my writing style and how inspirational it was. It meant a lot to me because I want to become an author 🙂

  3. Any compliment on my writing sends me over the moon – I hadn’t really realized how important that was to me.
    That I’m open and friendly, and non judgmental. Those are things the Social Anxiety Demon likes to tell me I’m lousy at.
    When I’ve been told that I’ve shown someone how to better their quality of life. That’s HUGE!

  4. The best compliments have been received after my surgeries – oddly enough. To know that my family has thought of me to be resilient and strong is something I’ve doubted in myself. At times it takes someone else to tell me things about myself I’m too stubborn to see. I’m really hard on myself and receiving a genuine compliment is heart warming 🧡 A great post at a time when positivity is much appreciated.

  5. I agree, hair compliments are always great because I never liked my hair growing up either. Some of mine are being appreciated for doing a good job at work and any compliments, follows or likes on my blog.

  6. I love when my husband tells me he still thinks I look beautiful. We’ve been married almost 40 years.

  7. I absolutely LOVE this post. It’s so positive and makes the reader think positively about themselves. And that’s beautiful.

    I would say the best compliment I’ve ever received is being told I’m stronger than I realize. And when my dad told me good things would happen for me because I was a good person. There’s something incredibly touching hearing that from your father.

  8. Any time someone compliments my writing, I pretty much swoon. Ditto to the whole “you should write a book.” I love compliments on my smile. And I get a little giddy when people say my 7 year old looks like me. She’s kind of my hero, so I dig that we look alike. Oh, and also, when people say Simon (my husband) and I are good together–because we almost split up a year & a half ago (he transitioned from female to male–it was GREAT & then it wasn’t. Now it is again) and it validates all the work we did to stick it out.

    I love this post, by the way. And your name. And your hair. <3

  9. This post just makes someone so depressed, cheer up! It gives a message to others that despite the challenges in our lives, we must appreciate the little things, such as compliments. It can bring positivity to a person & can also serve as a motivation.

  10. This post brightened my rainy day! I’m usually complemented on my two sons behavior all the time, even though they are adults ! As a single parent, it helps to know that I did something right!

  11. One of the nicest compliments that always sticks with me, was about how I am a sparky soul that can not help but shine, and sticks out among a crowd of darkness. I never really thought about it until a complete stranger said it to me. Now I realize this is why I get people randomly talk to me a the grocery store, and I never meet a stranger according to my husband, I guess I am a people person and I attract what I put out there, which is similar to what you are doing here with the fantastic blog 🙂

  12. I enjoy cooking and i like to bring people together and see them happy as they enjoy good food and share stories & laughs with each other . Last week I invited some friends over and just before they left , one of them told me that I have the ability to make feel special each and every person that I invite. That means a lot to me since each time I invite someone I pray to God to help me and my family , to show love and hospitality to our guests in a way that they leave our house uplifted and encouraged and better then they came.

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