What Is Standing In The Way Of Your Happiness?

Week 6 of 52 List Happiness:

List the things from your past and present that feel like blockades in the way of your happiness:

  • Taking things personally
  • Holding onto past hurts
  • A skewed view of what success looks like
  • Insecurity
  • Hanging on to my past mistakes
  • Toxic friendships
  • Fear of failing
  • Staying in my comfort zone
  • Taking on other people’s pain as my own
  • Fixating on things that I have no control over

What are some blockades standing in the way of your happiness? What can you do to free yourself from these things?

  1. Hanging on to past hurts is definitely a struggle for me. I allow my past to get to me and blame even my family for past things – that they really have nothing to do with. Great post!

  2. Holding onto bitterness is a real killer – I work at it, but there are times it still sneaks up on me.
    Not letting anxiety – even when it manifests is “the shakes” keep me from an interesting or desired event. I can *always* take ear plugs!

  3. Holding on to past hurts definitely retards one’s progress. If you don’t you become imprisoned in the past and it’s pain.

  4. i love lists. And this one is great. So important to be able to look brightly in the future, forgetting and giving grace to yourself for the past!

  5. Wow! This really touched home. I believe many things get in my way of happiness these days. These things include a misconception of what is ‘successful’, in that I overwhelm myself in making sure the house is super tidy. This is very difficult with 3 kids who love to make messes πŸ˜‰ I also fear failure. I have always had this personality flaw. I am starting to see it in my daughter, and it makes me so sad! It can be a good thing in that you will try your best at all things, but it is definitely not good when you feel the need to always be ‘perfect’.

    1. I love this! As a mom, I can put pressure on myself and unknowingly on my children to be perfect. Good thing we can admit it to work on it 🧑

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