Vulnerability Is Powerful

“I realized there was no shame in being honest

There is no shame in being vulnerable

It’s the beauty of being human.”

When I decided to write this blog, I knew one thing: I wanted to be truthful. I wanted to be open and real about what I have experienced and what others have gone through as well. As I began to write each post, I found myself second guessing my writing, “Is this okay to post? Will it make people uncomfortable? How much sharing is too much?”

I personally love vulnerability. The process of opening my heart to others gives me instant gratification. There is something about sharing your unedited story that I find very powerful. It’s often the stories that people are scared of telling that matter the most. Some of my past isn’t pretty and some of the things I’ve gone through are less than ideal. I’ve made mistakes and been on the receiving end of a lot of mistakes. I am in no way in the business of slamming people or “outing” others for the wrongs that they’ve committed against me. We are all human and have done things we wish we could take back, so my vulnerability will mostly focus on myself. I believe that when we are vulnerable, it also gives others the permission to be vulnerable back to us.  Sure, in the back of my head I have had thoughts such as,

“But this family member/friend follows me on Facebook, so maybe I shouldn’t post about that hard time,” or, “That random kid from high school might think it’s weird that I am sharing these things.”

In the end, I can only stay true to myself. So, in the future, just be warned, that this girl loves vulnerability. We could try to hide our blemishes and pretend that our lives are as picture perfect as they appear online, but this is not what I want for my life. Countless amounts of people walk through this world feeling alone. They feel like no cares, or that no one could possibly understand what they are experiencing.

I still remember the day that I shared one of my deepest hurts with another person. I had bottled up my experiences and honestly had no idea that someone else might understand. I thought I was the only victim of injustice and was destined to live in isolation. I stared at my dear friends ceiling during a sleepover. We had been laughing, joking, and sharing our feelings through the night(as girls typically do). As I gazed into the blackness of the room, I decided to take a leap and share my deepest secret.  Imagine my shock when I found out that this person had gone through a similar circumstance. The chains that once bound me seemed to be breaking. Vulnerability offers that gift of freedom. The gift to know that you are not alone in your pain, hurt, or past experiences. As I share my story with you in the coming months, I hope you feel the freedom to share your story as well. 

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be vulnerable anyway.”-Mother Teresa

  1. I have to say, what you’ve written here is very inspiring and brave. You have a remarkable talent and I am in awe. Amazing! I hope you could follow my blog and maybe you could be inspired as well.

  2. I don’t even know where to start! This is amazing!! I live in every word you typed, I’m still so back and forth about sharing my content on my own wall, because “what if it’s to weird.l I totally agree with you were human and it’s okay! Thank you for this post!

  3. Don’t try to be someone you’re not to please anyone, because at the end, they’ll fall in love with someone whom you’ve created just to please them. Be authentic, be you. Stay true to who you are. I appreciate vulnerability much like you do, it makes us more human and relatable. And the past, most of us have one – I have a lengthy one, things are done or said that have not been one of our proudest moments, or perhaps things that have been done onto us. But the past serves as a learning lesson for our future. It’s what’s helped mold us into who we are today. Courage!

  4. Beautiful piece. I’m not into posting personal stuff myself, I do like to talk to friends though and find I really connect when we share stuff. It’s important to have people you feel comfortable sharing your deepest darkest secrets with, helps lighten the load and deal with stuff.

  5. It’s both scary and empowering to be vulnerable. You’re giving someone the chance to possibly hurt you, but at the same time you’re acknowledging you’re strong enough to take that. Pretty amazing!

    1. Yes, because we all have been through the roughest routes and simply embracing them makes us real. And fuel for moving forward.

  6. Wow very inspiring… I personally struggle with going too deep when posting things … but as a broad topic i can usually pen a few deep from the heart pieces! this is wonderful!

  7. I love this! I relate so much. I love vulnerability. At times I would find myself hesistant because I saw others patterns not the same. People are so timid and afraid to be vulnerable because there’s an unknown response. But I think ultimately it is freeing and just a breathe of fresh air to share that vulnerability with others.

  8. It is an amazing thing how liberating revealing a secret or sharing one’s truth can be. But it is hard to be vulnerable and I also don’t believe that everyone deserves to see you in a vulnerable position. I think that level of friendship comes with time and needs to be earned.

  9. Vulnerability to me is being authentic with myself as well as with others. When we are authentic we can build trust in our relationships. Kudos to you for being brave and allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

  10. I totally relate! To share my experiences with others is the main reason I started my blog because I can honestly say that I do not have a best friend because when I trusted someone to be my best friend, they betrayed my confidence, so I decided to become my own best friend and now the blog has become my best friend. I also hesitated posting some posts and permanently deleted some because I felt they would make people uncomfortable but afterwards, I realized its my blog and I post my stuff, people who like it will read it, those who don’t won’t and its okay, so girl! Just be yourself, I know I will read your posts because I can relate. I’ve even followed you ;-).

  11. The exact reasons I could never manage keeping a blog was having people I know reading it. I need it though, I need to get things off myself and work on that without fear of being judged. We do need to be vulnerable.

  12. Such a inspirational read this morning. I love the quote from Mother Theresa. Vulnerability if utilized properly really is a strength or rather the journey to finding your own strength.

  13. Such a great post! I just launched my blog, and this is a great reminder as I already am finding myself putting up a wall and rewording a lot of what I really want to say

  14. i think too many people are afraid of being vulnerable – but it’s our vulnerability that makes us relatable!

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