52 List Happiness

Each week I will be posting a new prompt from the book, “52 List Happiness”. I was gifted this book from a friend and I am so excited to start this new journal and to hear your lists as well!

Week one: List what makes you happy right now

  • Listening to audiobooks
  • My morning cup of coffee
  • Yoga
  • Spending quality time with my husband
  • Keeping up with my friends lives
  • Going to cool coffee shops in Atlanta
  • Playing with puppies
  • Cleaning my house
  • Kindness
  • Reading
  • The Office(and all sitcoms)
  • Red wine
  • Harry Potter books and movies
  • My happiness project
  • Writing
  • Meeting new people
  • Talking with my family
  • Downtime
  • Playing Sudoku
  • God
  • Working on film sets
  • Taking care of my body

What does your list look like? How can you incorporate these things more into your everyday life?

  1. My list would be…
    Seeing and hanging out with my friends, making travel plans, reading, writing stories/poems/journal entries, eating my favorite foods(pizza, chocolate, cookies), playing/cuddling with my cats, cruises, and listening to my favorite songs.

  2. I love coffee in the morning. Like my mother before me, I need two cups before I can talk to anybody intelligently. I love to journal. Journaling helps me to unleash strong emotions, define and analyze problems and come to some sort of resolution. Journaling also helps me to recollect things correctly. When my mother-in-law died after several years of declining hesktht, I was filled with remorse about not doing more for her. I was able to go back and read some of my earlier journals about our times together and be reminded of how many things I actually did do for her, that I had forgotten. From that, I found much relief and comfort. My most joyful self, however, is spending time with my young grandchildren. I love their uninhibited hugs, funny and too honest opinions, and the way their eyes light up upon new discoveries.

  3. I have see this book floating around and i love it! Looknig forward to seeing future entries!

  4. I did the original 52 Lists Project a few years ago and loved it. I may have to look for this version – or revive the original one for a blog project! 🙂
    I totally agree with your #2-4. I recently did a 30 day challenge of yoga, and am now hooked! Yoga! Coffee! Time with husband/family!! <3

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